Sunday, January 12, 2014

Trouble Ticket Update: Is Down... www.tekumel Is Up!

Ah, technology! It's wonderful, isn't it?

It's been brought to my attention that the website,, is down. As clicking on the usual link takes one to a placeholder page at, I have removed the link in the left-hand column of this blog until further notice.

Update, as of Tuesday (1/14/14) at 0734: I am informed by a number of Reliable Sources that the site is back up, and I have restored the link over in the left-hand column for your use.

Thank you to everyone who commented and e-mail to keep me posted on this problem - thank you!


  1. I sent a note to the Tekumel Foundation and to Peter Gifford, who set up the site. I'm not sure exactly who is running it now, but I got replies from both of them saying it would be up soon.

  2. I'm guessing, based in the type of 'its not working' messags that the Tekumel Foundation forgot to renew the domain name.