Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blunt Force Trauma and FATE For Tekumel

The mace head is from Arms and Armor;
You can get them on hafts, too.

That nice Mr. Till was by today, and gave us an introduction to the FATE RPG system. I had a look through the rules book and the city book, and I thought that they were very nice. One thing that did strike me was that the FATE Core book does a lot of explaining about what an RPG is, what it's like, and how it's played; my feeling on this was that the authors are assuming an 'entry level' audience that is used to playing on-line games and the like.

I was very interested in how the game played; there is a specific set of dice for the game, based on six-siders, and these are usefully in different colors to allow one to tell the various character's rolls apart. There are several other nifty game aids as well, and I'd suggest looking at Mr. Till's FATE blog - link over in the left-hand column - for more on this.

All in all, it was a very fun and enjoyable game session; I played the part of The Dispenser Of Obscure Information And Sage Advice, and had a really good time.

Thank you, sir!!!

I finally got around to putting the steel head of Chirine's mace on the haft, and the result is pictured above. (I have a spare haft, too.) This completes the suite of weapons that goes with the suit of armor; mace, short sword, long dagger, two short daggers, and two small dagger / knives. There's also the two-handed sword from the Legion of the Searing Flame, but that's not something one takes on an adventure in the Underworld - too long and awkward!

I started out with the shorter weapons in Phil's games back in 1976; he used to have new players roll on a table to see if they had anything 'special' in the way of a weapon, and I rolled '00'. Being a Priest of Lord Vimuhla, I wound up with a +5 (to hit) +4 (to damage) mace; when Arms and Armor came out with their 'Iberian Mace', I finally - after thirty-five years!!! - got the chance to have the thing to go with the armor.

The 'load-out' for all this weaponry was as follows:

Right hip, on belt:   long dagger, mace;
Left hip, on belt:   short sword, buckler;
Right back, on belt:   two short daggers;
Left back, on belt:   waist pouch with two small daggers in sheath on back of pouch.

"Chirine, old boot," I can hear you say, "that's a lot of weapons; why so many?"

Because Phil really - really, really - liked the 'dropping your weapon if you fail your dexterity roll' idea. So, in simple self-defense, I got in the habit of carrying enough stuff to get me through most encounters. one also wanted a mace for 'hard' targets like Pe Choi, who really need a hard rap or two over a joint to let them know what one thinks of them. The short sword worked very nicely on 'soft' targets, of course.

Phil originally pooh-poohed the shorter weapons, as he preferred broadswords and the like; I pointed out that this particular set-up had worked very nicely for the Republican and Early Imperial Roman Legions, and while Phil had to agree that it was effective, he still hated the Romans on general principles. Phil's issue was that the Romans under Octavian had ended the Pharonic rule over Egypt, and he was still carrying a grudge.


  1. Glad you liked the session, Jeff! I have a post with more details of the session going up tomorrow. Your comment on the amount of GM advice in the Fate Core book is very perceptive too. I'll have a post about that point a bit later in the week.

  2. It was fun! I was fascinated by the materials in the books on how RPGs work, and how to run them - I take it all for granted, having been doing it for so long, but it was fascinating to see what the game designers had to say. Looking forward to your post, too!

    yours, chirine