Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Weekly Update For Sunday, April 13th, 2014 - Ditlana, Bethorm, and Salute - UPDATED!

The old arena, such as it was.

There is not much in the way of gaming news to report this week; I have been doing a lot more on the logistical side of the thing all week, and I am very happy with the progress made so far. I have even gotten into The Space Below The Stairs, and dug out some bits that I hadn't seen in years. They are now out and on display in the Lava Lounge, and I am pretty darn pleased to have them back in the flow. I am still working through the miniatures collection, reorganizing and sorting; this will take a while longer, as there are over 5,000 Tekumel miniatures in the bins.

The primary effort here is to bring the various national armies up to speed, get the 'generic' figures (like my Ancient Egyptian guys in kilts with sharp objects) into specific bins, and get all the various player-character figures sorted by age and group. I still have all of the PCs that I did for the people out at Phil's over the years, and they need to be organized into some semblance of order.


Jeff Dee's Kickstarter campaign for his Tekumel RPG book, "Bethorm", ends tonight. Please take a moment out of your busy Palm Sunday activities, use the link over in the left-hand column to get to his Uni Games web site, and have a look. Thanks!


Salute, the big UK game show held in London, has now come and gone. I'll have more when I get the news and photos from friends over there.


Here's a link to some excellent photos from Salute:

Thee are some great game tables in the pictures, and an inspiration or two for me... :)


  1. That arena is fantastic. So evocative. Would love to run/play a game where such a visual environment was available.

    Rachel and I were supposed to go to Salute yesterday (had our tickets at the ready) but we were beaten by the germs. The cold I caught from her made all my joints ache terribly, so I wouldn't have been able to cope with the walking involved. I wish British shows ran over multiple days, like American cons generally do, that way we would have been able to go today instead. There's always next year though!

  2. Thank you for your comment! This kid of thing is typical of that I build for games; we meet on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month, so I normally have a two-week period for a 'build cycle'. I enjoy coming up with things like this - it was built for a game session where our Vriddi lord was challenged by some local upstarts, and after the RPG group (acting as his seconds) negotiated the terms of the duel, I built this over a Friday / Saturday on the 'off' weekend and had it all set up for the next game session. It went very well - one of the other gamers did up little red Vriddi pennants for everyone to wave in support of the 'home team', and even did some for the miniatures; all of the players were in the stands, represented by their personal figures, and they made a fortune on the betting. Everyone had a lot of fun, and enjoyed themselves.

    The arena spectators were made from pictures of people in costume from various Internet sites, printed off and mounted on card stock to look like seated people. City guards, arena officials, food and drink vendors, fan-bearers, and other 'extras' were all from the 'stock figures' in my collection. Eventually, if there's a need for it, I'll build a better 'set'.

    Sorry to hear you are sick and had to miss Salute! I have added a link to a site with lots of great photos - I hope you enjoy them!

    yours, chirine