Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An Essay on Imagination And Inspiration (2) - Are My Podcasts A "Blue Peter" For Tekumel?

Yes, I know it's the old logo; I like it better then the new one.

I am getting ready to restart my series of podcasts about Tekumel, and I found myself saying "Here's one I made earlier..." as I considered the 'props' I'm going to be using to talk about what inspires me and my wayward imagination. For those of us who live outside the transmission range of Auntie Beeb - poor souls, us! - "Blue Peter" is a very long-running 'children's programme', where the presenters often show viewers how to make things out of ordinary household materials. Usually, they show a finished example with the catch-phrase "Now, here's one I made earlier", since the time on-air is normally so limited.

The idea of using my podcasts to show people how I do things on the game table came to me while pondering the answers I could give regular reader Tim Knight about how I make stuff. It came to be in a flash of inspiration - I may have actually hit my head on a low-hanging beam - that a visual subject really needed a visual medium. So, I'll be getting some half-hour 'episodes' up on the You Tube channel for both him and all of you to be amused at - or at least bemused!

(I'm just sorry that I can't get Konnie Huq as the presenter; she's an inspiration for Tekumel herself, as she looks like so many of the people that we met while gaming out at Phil's.)

In the meantime, I am able to do a bit of writing about my sources of inspiration for you. First and foremost, of course, are the writings of Phil himself; he was, if nothing else, prolific. For me, his Tekumel is set like a jewel in the settings of his time in science fiction fandom - the 1950s, where so many great authors were getting published and so many older ones were being rediscovered. I'm working on a reading list for people, after a question from a reader in the Antipodes, and I hope to have that posed as a page here on the blog for you.

(I had taken a stab at an 'Appendix N' sort of thing, but I didn't like how it look and read; it just wasn't good enough.)

I will try to tell you how Phil's writing influenced me; he'd write something, and I'd try to make it in miniature for our games. I still do that; I'm still finding hidden gems in his books and articles, and they still inspire me. And, I hope I'll be able to explain how out games, both with Phil and my gamers, also inspire me to do things.

I'll keep you posted. Until next time...

- chirine


  1. Thank you, never thought I'd be mentioned in the same article as Konnie Huq. Now I feel like I've "made it" in the world of blogging!

    I also didn't realise Blue Peter was still going.

    1. Welcome to the Big Time! :)

      Yep, they're still at it - since 1958, two years younger then me!

      - chirine