Monday, July 28, 2014

Essay On The Braunstein - Part The Fourth - July 28th, 2014 (Game Aids - 1)

Laser Pointers
(The red one shoots a beam up as well as out)
Sand glasses
(Each has a different time that it take for the sand to run out)

(Templates are your friend - they make things easier and faster)

Rulers, Tape Measures, and Oversized Dice
(All with larger numbers to make them easier to read from across the table

And we're back in Braunstein, with a selection of the various game aids I use to help make my job as GM / referree easier, and to enable the players to have a good time. The lasers (and the periscopes) solve 'line of sight' / "Can I see this?" questions very quickly; the one that shoots the beam up vertical things is especially useful. Many of the laser pointers also have little LED flashlights in them, which are very useful for showing players what their figures can see if they are in the dark - think 'Create Light' spell in a can, here.

The sand glasses are very useful in keeping track of the game turn - I announce that the move has started, and turn over the sand glass. The players have to move their figures inside this time period, and the sweat factor really starts to build; no time for dithering - you have to be very decisive!

I usually specify spell effects in terms of one or another of the templates. This makes evaluating the effects very simple, and the player gets a very good idea of what they can do with their sorcery. Quick, fast, and simple - my continuing mantra.

Rulers and large dice make it easy to move - the red ruler in the center is actually a flexible one, so one does not have to guess at the length of a curved move. I like to get my tape measures with both 'English' and metric measurements on them - it's more handy that way, as we can handle any set of rules we're using that way.

And the periscopes? Not my idea! These were suggested to be by this amazing website, about colonial skirmish gaming, and it has the instructions for making the periscopes as well:

I do strongly advise having a look at the Major-general's website, if you want to know about Braunsteins - it's where we come from...

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