Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Weekly Update For Sunday, July 27th, 2014 - A Daughter In Residence, and TMP, WisCon, & MZB: The Scandals That Keep On Giving

The Lava Lounge, in full cry

Well, here we are; another week gone. I have been busy all this week with getting Fourth Daughter collected from the airlines - it's been a worrying week for air travel - and settled in. The Chamber of the Daughters is working out nicely, what with the new ceiling fan (recovered from the office, where it was never used due to the blizzard of papers blown about - ya think?) and furniture relocated from all over the house. It's comfortable, she says, and very cozy.


Fourth Daughter has also been very busy doing mysterious and arcane HTML stuff with the Missus, getting the old files for what was going to be the game group website ( from several years ago, and now oudated) revamped and ready to go on-line for the new website for my book, "To Serve The Petal Throne". She and her delightful husband did a bunch of custom graphics that they think encapsulate the fun and games we practice here in the basement, and in turn what we did all those years ago out at Phil's.

Fourth Daughter was also one of the people who took care of Phil during his last illness, and got to know him pretty well; her design tries to capture just how much fun Phil could be...


I am making progress in getting the game room ready for my Google+ hangouts and games. I finally got all the CAT 5 and 110-volt cabling run, and the new outlets and jacks installed. The wireless router is also up and running, after being tested for stability and signal strength, and we're well on our way.


I am still making short appearances on various Internet sites, to mention a few things like my Braunstein videos, but I'm not doing anything like I used to be. I just don't have the stamina and the time, I am sorry to say. I do maintain a 'watching brief' on quite a few sites, but that's through the aid of what I guess are called 'bots'. (Or something.)


The screaming, shouting, weeping, wailing, writhing, and fainting in coils over diverse and sundry sordid scandals continues in various corners of the Internet. The Miniatures Page and trans people exploitation controversy, the WisCon sexual harassment debacle, and the Marion Zimmer Bradley abuse scandal are all over the place, and I am trying very hard not to get depressed over them. I know more then a few of the various people involved, and I find it all pretty awful to look at over my morning  glass of juice.

If you don't mind, Gentle Readers, I'll try not to be covering these kinds of 'current affairs' stories; I assume that you are all smart enough to search out the information for yourself, and make up your own minds about what you see. I would, with your indulgence, like to get back to what I enjoy - my writing, my model-building, and telling you about Phil and his wonderful creation...


  1. Looking on the positive side: I'm very excited to hear of any developments in regards to your To Serve The Petal Throne.

  2. Thank you! I am trying to keep forging ahead, and having the website getting closer and closer to being up and running is a real joy. By and large, it's what's been keeping me going over the past weeks, what with so much nasty stuff coming in over the transom.

    Sigh. What has fandom and gaming become, anyway?

    - chirine

  3. Hi,

    I look forward to hearing more of the Petal Throne - the basis behinds it looks very interesting and its the type of thing I always enjoy reading about.

    I often bury myself in painting and gaming when I need to shut off from the world. I guess its often one of the only things I have control over :).

    All the best

    1. Thank you! I am hoping that you'll get to read the book on-line shortly on the new website. I'm up to over 102,000 words about our adventures with Phil in his world, and I just can't seem to stop typing! So many stories to tell!

      I agree about needing to get back to the workbench and just paint - it's quiet, there... :)

      - chirine