Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Weekly Update for Sunday, July 6th, 2014 - Going Forward, And The New Shape Of Reality

Memo to self - have an acolyte dust the statue...
Here we are at the end of the holiday weekend; the High Holy Days of Convergence are almost over, and the hangovers are about to begin. I have had a great weekend - I don't go to Convergence, as having helped found the thing after the Great Purge of Minicon I thought that thirty years of doing conventions was enough. I simply don't get enough out of it to justify the time; I'm not into ball-joint dolls, anime, Magic the Gathering, corsets, Lolitas, body modification, latex French maid outfits (I just don't have the hips for it, sorry!), drinking to oblivion, or any of the hot topics of modern fandom.

Instead, I digested the news from the doctors about The Missus, and tried to think about how we move on from here. I have a lot of very hard choices to make, but the good news is that the process of Ditlana that I started several months ago is laying the groundwork for our future. I'll try to articulate where we are and where we're going in some more posts, later this week, but I'll try to give you a summary; I thought about this quite a lot, as I cleared out and painted the 'spare room' - it used to be Senior Daughter's room, before she left, and now it's going to be where we put up the new series of daughters when they visit as well as a place for the Missus if she can't make it up the stairs to our bedroom on the top floor of our little house.

First and foremost, this blog will continue; you will be able to follow our new adventures in Phil's world, and read about our old adventures 'back in the day'. I'll try to keep it current, with at least weekly updates, but I may not be able to answer your comments and e-mails within the twenty-four hours that I like to keep inside of. I am limited in my time, stamina, and energy, and with The Missus' health continuing to decline I am having to use more and more of all three to stay on top of the real-world situations that we're dealing with.

Thank you, in advance, for your patience!

I am moving very quickly to being able to do Google+ hangouts as well as Skype calls from the game room; the Dell computer that I used for these has just finished talking to my two daughters in Switzerland, and will be moving into the game room this week. If I can do it, you will be able to see a game in situ this coming Saturday, as I put our regular game session up on Google+; if you would like to play, or watch, please feel free to join us. I think that for me, this will become a regular feature; it brings you into my little corner of the world, and lets me tell you about Phil's. I have optimized the game room for the kind of gaming that I like to do and enjoy doing; I hope you'll find it entertaining and informative.

I will not be continuing to buy very many miniatures, going into the future; The Missus and I live on a fixed income, and the costs of her health care are going to take a major portion of our income. While we live very frugally, having simple tastes - because we're "dull and boring people" (to quote an Important Internet Person) - the money has to come from somewhere.

I will be continuing to support Howard Fielding and The Tekumel Project - I love his miniatures, and we can afford them. I will also be buying Jeff Dee's "Bethorm" and his other publications as they come out; I had a lot of fun when I played it with him and Amanda. I will buy other Tekumel publications if and when they appear. I will continue to support Mike Burns and his 'Dark Fable' line of Ancient Egyptian 'civilian' figures; I use these a lot, and they remind me of Phil. He would have loved them!

I will not be able to fund any external projects; the days of Chirine and The Missus being 'cash cows' are over. I will be maintaining things at the current level, but I will not be expanding many or our projects or activities. I will have the new website up and running as soon as we can; I will keep people posted on this as best as I can. This will be the proverbial 'labor of love' for me and the family; it's being done for fun, by people who knew Phil and Ambereen.

I will not be participating in more then a very few web forums; again, I do not have the time, stamina, or energy for it. I'm sorry if this offends or upsets you, but I have to do what I can when I can. I will be keeping the 'Blogs I'm Following' / 'People Worth Listening To' feature of this blog - I enjoy following the conversations of these folks, even when I can't participate.


  1. I wish you both all the best and I look forward to reading about your games (old and new) when you have the time to write them up.

  2. Continued well-wishing for Her; and reiterating thanks for the time C and I had there.

  3. Certainly all my best thoughts for your wife. Hope everything works out well in the end.

    Very much looking forward to the video feed idea. Sounds like a wonderful way to get a glimpse into the way you do things, and I always love to see how different groups game, especially when its connected to the hoary origins of the hobby.