Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Weekly Update for Sunday, August 31st, 2014 - Wow!!!

Castle Tilketl, in all of it's depressing squalor...

Well, here we are , having a very nice and very quiet holiday weekend. I have been a very busy boy, and here's the latest news from the front...

First off, I am surprised, amazed, and delighted to see what one of our regular readers has mentioned this little bit of puff pastry of a blog in a guest post on - of all places! - EN World:

I'm gobsmacked. I had no idea. He says very nice things about the kind of malarky and antics we get up to around here, and I am both pleased and humbled; I am startled to be included in with so many people in such a collection of creativity and imagination. All I do, I think, is put stuff on the table and tell stories. But, then, that may be what it's all about... :)

Welcome aboard!


I have been very busy on The Workbench; I have some of the new slingers from the Clan of the Silver Worm done, some of the City Guard / Sokatis infantry well on their way, some of the new (and indispensable!) bearers done, and a bunch of the new personalities and Lorun done. All from the incredible Howard Fielding, of The Tekumel Project, and I hope to have photos to post tomorrow.

I also have over thirty of the old Grenadier "Amazon Guard" figures in progress; these had originally been painted for the Aridani Legion of Lady Mrissa, but with the release of the new figures for this legion by The Tekumel Project I sent them to the stripping vats and am repainting them as a Mu'uglavyani legion from the Second Palace. They will make good mediums, with long spears, and I'll be able to keep some old favorite figures in service.


The game table has now been returned to the 'neutral' state, ready for the next game session where we'll be viewing two of Prof. Barker's favorite movies. I will be taking suggestions for our next 'micro-campaign' cycle...


The very good response to the idea of having a visit to Barsoom got me looking over the terrain stocks, and thinking. A while back, we played out our old adventure at Castle Tilketl, un on the Northwest Frontier, and I built both the castle and the hill it sits on. The castle was very successful as a model, and a lot of fun to build in all of it's unsanitary squalor. The hill, on the other hand, is a pain in the posterior; I don't like specific, dedicated terrain items on general principles - they are hard to store, hard to transport, and never get as much use as you'd like. I did make the hill out of lightweight expanded styrene 'beadboard' but while this cut the weight down to nothing it also meant that the thing is very fragile. I used some 18" wide by 8' long sections intended for use as home insulation, which helped with the storage and transport issues, but we never use the thing.

And, to be frank it's kinda useless as game scenery. The hill is flat, out to the edge of the little cliff that the castle sits on, so building it may have been a bit pointless. We never played the cliff; it's always been an 'up-and-over-the-wall' kind of thing.

So, I got to thinking about Barsoom, and the realization that I had coated the hill sections with a nice reddish stone finish. Hmmmm.... Looks Martian...

So, what I am going to do is break out the table saw and trim down the hill sections into the standard 9.5" tiles that I use on my new modular game table. This will give me a heap of tiles with a Barsoom-like look to them, and recycle an old game 'table' that wasn't getting any use.

Now, all I have to do is find the six bags of 'Martian' soil I had used originally...


More tomorrow! I'm on holiday, today!


  1. A technical mini-painting question if I may, since I'm currently on a tear painting a bunch of old 25mm Grenadier AD&D miniatures for my forthcoming 5th Edition D&D game.

    Do you use Quickshade or any sort of analogue in your own painting? I was startled to see just how much better it made my minis, and was wondering if you had used some sort of similar inking wash. Especially since you seem to work in considerably higher volumes of miniatures than I do...

    1. Ooooo! Great question! See the next post - I thought you should get a proper answer! :)

      - chirine