Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Weekly Update For Sunday, August 10th - Bad News From The Source Comics and Games

From the archives - The Source, D&D Day some years back...
I'm very sorry to have to report that one of the co-owners of The Source Comics and Games passed away on Friday. It was quite unexpected, and I can only refer you to the announcement on the store's website:

Our thoughts here at The Workbench go out to his family and all our friends at The Source...



In other news, The Missus goes in for her surgery the middle of this week; it's the same day Middle Daughter goes back to her home in Zurich, so I will be in multiple places at once. So it goes; we gotta do what we gotta do...


In an attempt to have some cheery news today, I am happy to report that the little LED-lit domes that I used in the night game we did a while back (see also the Photobucket page for the "Then Darkeness Fell" game photos - link to the left, at the bottom of the column) are now on sale at IKEA as part of their end-of-summer clearance of the 'seasonal' items. These are the SOLVINDEN LED lights, and we were able to snaffle quite a few packs of the lights at three of $1.99 - something like more then half off. Our local IKEA had yellow and white domes left from the sale, which is perfect for our games as these work very well for simulating lanterns and 'Create Light' spells for our little lead people.

As part of the same sale, we also got some packs of the conical LED lights from the same series. These have either red or blue bases, and white conical tops that are lit from within by the battery-powered LEDs. They come three to a pack, use the same batteries as the domes, and we think that they will make great markers for spells or fires in night games - they look very different then the little domes, and really stand out in the dark when lit.

I'll post photos, when I can get some free time; this is going to be a very busy week...

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