Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Little Something For That Nice Mr. Knight...

And now something from that nice Mr. Knight, one of our Regular Readers, from hios comment over on Google+:

Tim Knight Yesterday 3:12 PM

One day I'll build (or probably buy from someone else) a castle like this for our games - for the players to either storm or defend. Thank you, as always, for the wonderful inspiration.

We aim to please, here at The Workbench...

This is the 25mm plan, scaled up from the original plan that Phil did for me from when we played this out in his campaign back in Ye Olden Dayes

I made cardboard templates from the plans, and then cut the pink extruded insulation foam from those. One of  The Tekumel Project's superb figures for size...

The wall parapets are made from individual clay blocks, sold by a Spanish company for making castles and other buildings with. I brushed a thinned mix of acrylic wood filler over these for that 'mud-brick' look.

The brass beam clamps are holding the wooden trim on the keep while the glue dries. Ordinary wood glue works just fine for this kind of work, by the way.

And ordinary white glue works just fine to stick the bricks onto each other. I cut recesses into the foam for all the doors; these are made of wood sheet, and are removable for when the players knock them down.

The brick walls, from the besiegers' eye view.

The brick walls, from the inside, with an officer from the Legion of Serqu, Sword of the Empire - probably thinking about a transfer, at this point. On the other hand, the photo may be from an incoming rock's point of view...

The walls are now all up, and we're starting the battlements. The merlons are all made from the same bricks as the walls. I got several thousand in the set I bought...

More battlements, with the tools of the trade visible. About all you really need to make this kind of thing is a kitchen table and a sharp knife. DO NOT, however, use one of the cooking knives; You will regret it, come dinner time, and you find bits of foam in the roast Kaika...

The battlements, from an approaching player's point of view, as they peek over the wall from the top of their ladder.

More of the battlements and adobe finish, and again showing the incredibly complicated set of tools required to make this little castle.

Bit of a scaling shot, with the 28mm figure in the courtyard to give some idea of how big / small this place is. The model is about 25" by 36", and is a very handy size to play in games. I keep separate floor plans for the room to room fighting, just like a set of 'dungeon' tiles.

There are more pictures of the finished castle on my Photobucket page - if there aren't, there will be this weekend. I need to make sure that I have all of our games up on there... :)


  1. I am honoured ;-) Thank you for that fantastic guide to castle building.

    1. You are very welcome! You can make something like this, you know!

      - chirine

  2. Thank you for the detailed WIP pics - always appreciate those!

    1. You're welcome! Happy to be of service!

      - chirine

  3. Lovely castle. I think the name of the bricks used are Castillos, or something similar. Scarce as hen's teeth these days!

    1. Thank you! I'm sorry I didn't give the company name - let me follow up on your hint and lead - I don't have the box, any more!

      Right; The company is the Spanish Domus; and they have a website at:

      The website shows 'Age of Sail', here in the US, as a distributor.

      And you can get these kinds of bricks in the UK from:

      You are, sadly, quite right about the difficulty of getting these kits here in the US; mine was the Castello #3, which is a nice little castle in and of itself, but was a superb 'parts mine'.

      Thanks for the tip, too!

      - chirine

  4. Simply awesome.