Saturday, October 25, 2014

Help Needed With A Dilemma!

We have all of the FASA sets,
as well as the GW plastic Daleks and cybermen

We have all six boxes of these figures;
we also have the two Superior figures

Gentle Readers, we have a dilemma of some concern brewing here at The Workbench, and The Missus and I could use your advice and help!

A long time ago, and far, far away...

The Missus is a very big Doctor Who fan from waaay back - she was a friend of Anthony Ainley - and so as a gift many years ago I got her the entire set of FASA Dr. Who figures in their little TARDIS boxes. These still live in their boxes; they have never been painted, and were opened once when she looked at them when I gave them to her.

She is also a very big "Elfquest" fan, too; if she hasn't got it from the various publications and such, it ain't worth getting. Because I am a sentimental old softie, and was friends with the folks at Ral Partha back in their heyday, I got her a complete set of of all six boxes of these figures. These are still with their original boxes, leaflets, and packing material; the only thing that The Missus got done with these before her health went in the bucket was to give the figures a coat of Heritage flat white acrylic brush-on primer. Otherwise, they are in perfect condition, as are the FASA figures.

So, here's our issue: What do we do with these? She would like to keep them, as she has a lot of very fond and happy memories attached to them, but we're a little unhappy with the idea that they are languishing in their boxes - and have been for the better part of twenty-five years!

Should I strip off the primer and simply store the figures?

Should I paint the figures for her - they'll wind up in a display case, mostly - and see about getting them out for a spin occasionally?

The Missus will never be able to paint them - she's just not able to do that kind of thing any more - and I don't know if my late 1970s painting style will do them justice. We can't afford a professional painter, so that option seems to be a non-starter.

Suggestions? Comments? Ideas? Anything? :)


  1. Perhaps paint them up and create a diorama with them, rather than simply putting them in a display case.

    1. Oh! Good idea - I never thought of that! Thank you!

      - chirine

  2. Paint 'em and get 'em on the game table!

    1. Thank you! I'll pass that along to Herself, as well!

      - chirine

  3. Chipping with a late vote for Joseph's suggestion of displaying them in diorama form - and if you cut the base so the figures can 'slot in and out' you can also use them on the table when needed, then return them to the diorama when finished. Best of both worlds ;)