Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Weekly Update For Sunday, February 15th, 2015 - Interlude: The Joys Of Exploring The Basement

My original Tsolyani citizenship document from 1976 

Plague still walks upon the land hereabouts; The Missus and I are still dealing with our cases of bronchitis - we thought it was just a nasty cold, but we were wrong. She's been flat on her back for the past two weeks, and I'm sort of wandering around the old homestead like the proverbial zombie. Be that as it may, I have managed to keep myself both ambulatory and productive; I am moving around very slowly, and getting lots of fluids, but I am managing.

One of the really grand things about the upcoming play-by-email campaign is that it has been just the excuse to go through all the crap I've been either a) hoarding, or b) gotten stuck with by other people and deal with it. I think I mentioned that I have been disposing of piles of raw materials for model-building; I have a lot of stuff that I got with the notion that notion that I could make something like smoke or spell templates with, for example. This has been largely superseded by some of the lovely Gale Force Nine or Litko Aero stuff - the 'walls of fire' have gone over particularly well, in our games.

My criteria, these days, is the amount of time and energy that I will need to build something; I am short of both, and so I need to direct my energies to those projects that have a direct bearing on the games that I run. If I need to invest more then I can handle, I figure, then maybe this is a project that I do not need to focus on.

And, of course, it's the joy of simply finding stuff. (See above, for an example of this) There are some area of the basement that I haven't been into for years, ever since we made room for the first two adopted daughters, and it's been a treat to move back into those areas and unpack all the boxes of my 9and our) stuff that have been sitting waiting for us to come back now that the girls are gone off on their lives.

Miniatuers. I've been finding miniatures. My model railway stuff - and Ive added the link to what once was and might yet be, for you to be amused by. All sorts of strange and eclectic things from my forty years in wargaming, from books to rulers to models. It's a long process of getting the shop clear, but I can now see daylight at the end of the tunnel - and my Sakbe road sets, too!

I am having fun, for the first time in three years, and I'm really enjoying it. I hope to be able to share that fun with you, as we move along in our journey, and you'll have some fun along with us...


  1. Chirene, The document looks great. Am I correct that it is a mimeograph copy of a standard citizenship document and filled in where the print is darker?

    1. Yes, you are. Phil did the original for inclusion in the boxed set of EPT, and then ran off a batch of these on his spirit duplicator for his gamers. It's on very cheap rag stock, and printed on both sides - one side has the Tsolyani document, and the reverse has the translation. We all had to fill in our names and the date, which is why my name is darker; this, by the way, is the very first Tsolyani document that I ever did... :)

      Phil told me, in an amazing compliment, that my Tsolyani penpanship was better then his: "Chirine, you have a fine scribal hand." Thank you, Firu... :)

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