Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Weekly Update For Sunday, April 5th, 2014 - A Pause In The Reports

Gary Con's RPG room; my table is on the right. Astonishing photo by Kevin McColl

I am taking a short pause from the series of posts on Gary Con; they will continue in the next few days. I'll be talking about how I design RPG games, which may be of some interest; as always, your comments and questions are always welcome!


Mile Burns, he of the 'Ancient Egyptian' figures, has advised that there is a delay in shipping orders; demand for his figures has been so high, that he's having to restock the more popular sets. He's also been delayed by the untimely passing of Stewart Griffith of Griffith Casting, Mike's mold-maker and caster. I've seen photos from people who have gotten their (smaller) orders - these figures are well worth waiting for!


One of the hottest news items from Gary Con came from Iron Wind, the company that took over the molds and miniatures when Ral Partha closed up shop. Iron Wind announced the relaunch of the 'Chaos Wars' line of classic miniatures, and I am delighted; I used to use many of these figures in our games out at the Professor's, and I am looking forward to having these figures back in production. have a look at their site for details:


I am still unpacking from the convention, so things are a little slow around the Workbench. I am, delighted to be able to report, though, that one of my 'operational' problems at the convention - less then optimal lighting conditions for my LCD projectors - has now been solved. I really needed an active digital display for my game, rather then a projector, and I now have one! I found a Sony 40' LCD flat-screen at one of my favorite surplus places, for an absurdly small sum, and it is now installed in the game room for the amazement and delight of my players. The equally wide-screen Sony 40" WEGA digital unit has now been freed up for use, and I guess I'll have to build a crate for it. Casters will be a must, of course!

Lots more to come! Watch this space!


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