Saturday, August 15, 2015

And Now, The Good News!

Ral Partha 'Chaos" soldiers, from Iron Wind Metals

 And we're back.

Let's have some good news, shall we? As previously reported in these pages, Ral Partha, the miniatures company that I grew up with and which set the tone and look for our game sessions out at prof. barker's for years, is back. I don't know if I gave the link to their new website, so I'll do it again:

having had a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the boys and girls behind this effort are adding some new packages that will interest both miniatures and RPG gamers; they've introduced sets of these classic figures to the webstore, and these sets give a nice assortment of figures - and a very good price. You can now get a selection of good figures, what will work very well for either RPGs, skirmishes, or the big battles, and all with the same figures. Much more 'bang for your buck', and in a good solid metal that's nice and durable.

There are seven sets up  the webstore now, with a lot more on the way. Ral Partha had one of the most diverse and well-sculpted lines of figures in the industry, and they're all on the way back. Bookmark the site; you'll want to keep looking in on them!

And I can say that I am very, very pleases with the figures I've gotten from them; I am in the process of rebuilding my units, getting them up to full strength, and the newly-cast figures look just as good as the old ones. Crisper, too; the new metal they are using, plus the advances in modeling and casting technology, have combined to make these figures some of the very best in the business.

Ral Partha is also committed to staying in touch with us gamers, too. Here's another link I think you'll find useful:

Take a really good look at this, if you would. A bunch of really cool and talented people are reaching out to all you equally cool and talented people out there in the world to come and participate in what they are doing. Give them a shout - I don't think you'll be disappointed with the response you get...

And am I excited about all this? You bet I am; this is some of the best news I've had this year, and it's been keeping me going through some pretty trying times. Ral Partha was a huge part of what we did, back in the day, and I am simply delighted to see them back with all of us.

First, The Bad News...

The Missus, in better days...
Right. Let's get this over with, so I can get to the good news in the nest post. There is some good news, I am happy to report.

 I've been asked - politely - why I haven't been posting on this blog lately. Well, here's the deal:

I try very hard to keep the personal stuff out of this blog, but sometimes it's really hard to do so. At the moment, it's impossible. My beloved Missus, she who has supported Tekumel for nearly three decades with her time, money and energy, has suffered some sort of neurological 'incident'. The motor controls on the left side of her face no longer work. The doctors says it's not a stroke; they checked, and did a CAT scan. Nothing; they are baffled. In the meantime, The Missus's health has been declining for the past three months, and so I've been a little distracted.

On top of this, I am no longer on third shift; my department at work has been reorganized, and I now work a 3:30 pm to midnight shift. I have been on third shift (10:00 pm to 6:00 am, more or less) for almost a decade, and it's odd to be back out in the sunlight. I've been exhausted, and as a result not a lot has been getting done here at the Workbench. I've had to adjust my own medications schedule and thus my sleeping and eating ones as well, and it's been tough. From what my doctors tell me, I seem to have suffered minor damage to the 'lizard brain' at the base of my skull during the brain bleed I had three years ago, and I am having difficulty with extremes of temperature. As I work outdoors, the recent high-heat-index days have been very tough, and have added to my exhaustion.

We'll survive; she and I have had worse. Let's move on, shall we? And thank you all for all your good wishes and patience!

- The Management