Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Taking Stock, Three Years Later - September 15th, 2015

Back View. And it still itches, too.

Front View. Phil: "Take a twenty-sider of damage..."

Well, here we are. Three years ago tonight, I was having my brain vacuumed out. I am, as you can see from the date of this post, still here, and dang glad to be so. I am doing pretty well; I am finally getting used to my new work schedule, having been on a third shift / overnight shift since 2008, and it's been pretty exhausting. Still, though, I have hopes that this will give me more time to write, and more time to run some games.

I have been in the 'human normal' range now for about two and a half years; getting rid of the mahor stress-inducer in my life has been a huge part of that, as have the fistfuls of medications that I take very day an ten in the morning and ten at night. My life revolves around my medication schedule, which is a pretty small price to pay for staying alive.

So, let's briefly take stock of where we are and what we're doing, shall we?

I am finally getting back to large-scale painting production, hurrah! I have a number of large projects in hand, and I'll start shooting photos for you to ponder at as soon as I can; I am in football season at work, which means that time is very limited until January.

I am not planning on running any large games at exterior venues for the next three months; just too much going on, what with work and taking care of The Missus.

I have canceled some large and difficult projects, in order to save time and stamina. Lots of raw materials that I have been keeping in stock for years have been recycled or reused, so we're able to move ahead on the things that I really want to do.

"To Serve The Petal Thorne" continues to advance, bit by bit. I'm enjoying writing this, and I hope you'll be amused by the result. Word counts when I have them; I haven't looked, lately.

Let's see; nothing else comes to mind; I'm just home from work, so with your indulgence I shall be off to bed. More later, and thank you all for your kind wishes!