Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Not Dead Yet, and Hitting A Milestone

Yep; 16 square feet of shrubbery, and the campaign map.

I am, as they say, not quite dead yet. I am in the middle of football season, and so I have very little free time and lots of overtime. The money is nice, but I get tired pretty easily and so wind up having to lie down a lot. At least I'll get all caught up with Howard Fielding and his Tekumel Project!

However, there has been some progress on several fronts. I will answer all your comments, too.

I have finally - at last! - finished doing all the different scenery types that I had originally planned back about a decade ago. Back in Ye Olden Dayes, we thought that being able to buy a box of four 'Life-Like' model railroad trees was A Big Investment; now, I am older and smarter. (I think.) Back about 2005, I bought a whole pile of cheap floral stuff from a crafts store; the plastic foliage comes on long stems for use as garlands and such, and being thrifty I got a bunch of different styles when they went on sale. The plastic is soft and bendy, which means that when a gamer falls onto or leans on the foliage, it bend and does not break. It's almost impossible to damage the stuff. I cut out irregular shapes of thin MDF, painted them with a suitable ground color, and then hot-melt-glued the foliage onto the shapes at more-or-less random; last step is to splash cheap wood glue onto the shapes, and add sawdust or other ground cover to add some 'natural' texture to the bases.

You can see more of the results of all this on the Photobucket page - there are a lot of pictures of my game tables in the various albums. You can also get this kind of foliage at pet stores, too; The Missus got me a huge pile of nice palm trees (for those desert oasis games) from a cake-decorating place...

My goal, back then, was to give my gamers what we'd never had out at Phil's: the ability to represent any of the terrain types that Phil described for Tekumel. We made do with the green carpet on his game table, and The One Hill and The One Tree. It was what we had, but it lacked a certain spectacle worthy of Phil's astonishing creation.

I didn't have to work this past weekend, so I got out the last boxes of shrubbery and all of the pre-cut shapes I'd had around for literally years, and the photo shows you the result. I am very, very pleased; it's been a long time coming, but we're finally done!

And I got another 3,500 words done for "To Serve The Petal Throne", too! :)