Sunday, December 13, 2015

STOP THE PRESSES! - WAS Spending the Holiday Money - Bronze Age Miniatures

Some guy from Virginia, maybe?
(Photo from Bronze Age Miniatures)


PLEASE NOTE: Sharp-eyed reader Ben Brooks noted that the web announcement of the sale at BronzeAge Miniatures is from 2014, not this year. I missed this, which is why I should not post while tired and late at night. I do not know if there is rally a sale on at this point, and I'd advise e-mailing David to see what the situation is. I am very sorry about the confusion, and I'll be more careful next time. I think I was just too giddy about the idea of getting more of his figures, honestly!


We're coming up on the holidays again, and we're looking at what to do with our little pile of money that we've managed to save up for our wild and extravagant holiday spending. My birthday saw the arrival of a new laptop for me to use on the Internet; it's got the newer Intel chip set for video work that my current desktop lacks - too old, the poor thing - and I have hopes that I can get on-line games with full duplex communication going in the new year.

There's also a new vacuum for me to clean up my messes - the old HEPA one had the motor in the power sweeper head go out, after twenty years of dealing with my construction dust. (There's also a replacement for the old CRT 36" television that the Missus had in the living room; the power supply failed this past week, and so it's gone the way of all old electronics. It was replaced by a 32" LCD, but that came out of our stock of A/V and show production gear, and so does not count as 'holiday goodies' per our accountant.)

There was also the set of four lovely little cast resin islands from JR Miniatures that the guys at The Source put me on to; these, I fear, may be out of production, so you may have to look around for photos of what they look like. Nice rocky peaks, and beaches to please any pirate, buccaneer, or 'Honest Seafaring Merchant' in need of water or someplace to bury the loot. I used my model railroading skills to do these up right, and I am very pleased with the results. This came about because of a renewed interest in the collection of 1/1200 ships from the Valiant Miniatures 'Ancients' and 'Spanish Main' lines; I originally got these for our games out at Phil's, back in the day, and we're still playing with them today. (Avast, me hearties! Shiver me timbers, but much to my astonishment, Valiant is still in business, and the ships still available! Sink me for a lubber, else! Hurrah!)

Also in the nautical line, Burl at The Source 'knows a guy' who has a laser cutter, and this chap makes very handy little rowboats in 25 - 32mm. These will easily take six figures on 25mm / 1" bases, and are very handy little craft. I'm making sets of beams and decks for them, so that I can use them in the bridging train as a modular pontoon bridge - or 'bridge of boats', as the Divine Alexander would have called it.

The biggest news is from David Soderberg, the owner and genius behind Bronze Age miniatures; he's offering a 30% discount on his marvelous products from now until December 27th. There's a lot more, and photos, at:

The Missus has indicated that she's looking at some of the figures; I'm told that my hard-pressed River Police may be getting some badly-needed new troopers, and that there may be a new Dire Peril in the offing as she stocks up for new adventures. I'm very fond of the Bronze Age figures, as they are very animated and just chock full of character. They're just fun, and really great for those swashbuckling games.

In other news, lots of very big changes in the works here, as I am finally on a stable schedule. Things are hectic, but we're managing. I'm now steaming past 115,000 words on "To Serve The Petal Throne", and it's really flowing quickly now as I hit my stride.

More to come...


  1. Kaor! Of course the best swordsman on two worlds needs one sword for each world.

    And those Bronze Age Minis look nice.

  2. You sure about Bronze Age. His message is dated from last year.

    Love his stuff but he's really let his own site go.