Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Weekly Update for March 27th, 2016 - I'm able to walk, again!

The 'day' boot; the 'night' boot lacks the ironmongery.

It has not been the best of weeks, here at the workbench. I'm suffering from a very bad flare-up of the gout that I had after I got so dehydrated at Gary Con, last March, and it has been pretty miserable. I have to keep a very delicate balance of fluid intake/output to keep my blood pressure under control, and that got badly out of whack early in the week. I couldn't walk at all on Thursday; I am now wearing what are called "CAM braces", which restrict my foot to a pretty fixed position. I have two; one, with added metal braces for day wear, and the second with no metal for night wear. I am finally getting some sleep, as a result, and I'm pretty happy with that.

So, lots more fluids, lots more Vitamin C, and lots of rest as I can get it...

A number of questions have come up, and I'll try to answer these as best I can:

Why are your 'Rules of Engagement' so restrictive?

Because I found that I was spending a lot more of my time and energy playing 'social secretary' then I was building and running games. I will be happy to run games for people, but they have to be on my terms - see the above. If you get up a party to come and visit, I'll be happy to run something for you. If you want something bigger, then you'll have to organize it and help transport it.

Why won't you post material from your archives in a forum or on this blog?

Because I do not have publication rights for a lot of the materials in my archives. John Tiehen, for example, does not want any of his Tekumel work republished; I respect people's IP rights, and I would hope that they respect mine. Having said that, I freely grant my permission to use any of the photos on my Photobucket page; I posted them for people to see and be inspired by, and if they get used on other websites I'm fine with that.

Why aren't you publishing stuff? You should write an RPG or an adventure!

Because I'm not a 'gamer'. I regard myself as, first and foremost, as a model builder; my games are, to be honest, a way to show off my work. I also spent decades in the game industry as a 'producer of stuff', and I won't go back there; there are lots and lots of other people who are doing that, these days, and more power to them - have a look at what they do, if you would.

I am writing my chronicle of our adventures with Phil, of course, and it's already been panned by 'real gamers' because it doesn't have any "useful game information" in it. Different people have different tastes, and if they can get anything out of the thing then more power to them. I'm writing if for the sheer fun of it; we had some great times, and some rousing adventures.

Can I visit you?

Yes. E-mail first; I don't accept 'walk-ins'. This is my home, not a public facility; The Missus has final say on whatever we do here at the house, and I respect that.

Will you sell me miniatures - or paint them for me?

No. Been there, done that. And you probably can't afford my free-lance rates, sorry to say. When I paint figures for other people, I do it because they are very old and very dear friends of mine; I am not into 'commercial' activity.

I hope that this little excursion into the inner workings of the Workbench helps explain a few things. Back to the miniatures - it's something I can do and not be on my painful foot!


  1. Glad to hear that the braces are helping though I was disappointed not to see spikes amongst the ironmongery.

    1. OOooo! I wish!!! It would have been a great help at work! The braces keep the foot from flexing, so they've been a great help.

  2. Hope you can cast aside your boot very soon!

    1. Thank you! The new medication schedule is helping a lot, and I'm hoping to be out of the boot by the end of next week.