Saturday, April 2, 2016

An Update: Friday, April 1st, 2016 - New Lead!!!

Break out the air brush, honey, I'm a comin' home! Woo Hoo!!!

It's been a very mixed week, here at the Workbench. I made it into work on Monday and Tuesday, because we are so short-handed, but I've been out since; saw the doctor yesterday, who took me off two of my blood-pressure medications and is dosing me with a mighty and powerful anti-inflammatory. The stuff has made a huge improvement in my condition, but it is so powerful I have to stop taking it the first moment I possibly can. One more of them tonight, only two during tomorrow, and one final dose on Sunday. Incredible stuff, but sort of risky.

The way forward is that we're going to bring my blood pressure back up into the human normal range, and manage things so that I stay there. Fluid management and rest, along with a balanced diet, should keep me on an even keel.

And it could be worse; I got in on Monday to the news that one of my coworkers had had to have his right foot amputated that morning, which both put my problems into perspective and pretty depressed me; he's a great guy, and didn't need this on top of his other health issues.

Morale wise, the week has bee salvaged by the fruition of the investment of my birthday money into an order to Bronze Age Miniatures. The results have arrived, and you can see what came out of the box above.

I got caught up on the humans, the 'Imperials', and got a full set of the 'Mutants'. These, like all of the figures that David Soderberg does, are very dynamic and really look like swash-bucking adventurers. 32mm scale, but that's not noticeable against the Tekumel Project 28mm or Reaper 28mm. Many of the figures have open hands, and you get enough exotic weapons to gladden anyone's heart.

These are big, beefy figures, with lots of personality and charm, and I'm looking forward to assembling them. No pinning needed - these all have very good attachment points, and will really look grand. I am not kidding about the airbrush, either; these are so good, I will be getting out the old and treasured Thayer and Chandlers for these, and doing my very best job; they deserve it, quite honestly!


  1. Glad to hear things are on the mend. I've been painting a little band of adventures myself this week, to mount on the little rounds I got from your link. It's been almost a year since I last painted; I got tired of waiting for my little painting-partner of a daughter to help me. Anyway, they're coming along fine, although my eyesight and shaking hands just get worse with age. Anyway, looking at Howard's site with longing now...

  2. Wow, those are some great looking minis. Hope we'll be able to see the painted results!