Monday, April 18, 2016

The Weekly Update - Monday, April 18th, 2016 - Projects Advancing!

I love my table saw.

The warm weather is back, and I had a great weekend out in the shed where I store all of the larger bits of my gaming terrain and scenery. The shed, which is one of those small metal ones with the doors in the front and which has all my larger bits in numbered plastic tubs on shelves so I can set a game up in literally minutes - is also full of materials that I've either been saving for projects or starting to use for projects. I had a good time getting a lot of this stuff cleaned out or salvaged - I just enjoy doing things like building and making things!

One of the very few downsides of having multiple daughters is that the time needed for them is time away from my workshop. There are a number of projects that had to be put off to the side while I spent tim with the girls, and I am now getting back to those. One is the really big Sakbe road set - it measures 14', when fully set up, with two small towers and one of the big towers as a separate module. I finally got the battlements for the large tower's little turrets done this weekend, and I am beginning to move ahead on finally getting all the merlons cut in all the sections. I have to do this outside, as I use a wooden template and a hot-wire cutter on the foam I use for this kind of project; the fumes are A bad Thing.

I also finally found the bags of red clay that I'd bought - five pounds for $2.00, at the pet store; they were having a sale - for doing my Barsoom scenery. The tiles are already done - I cut them down from the old Castle Tilketl scenery boards - but I have to finish off the vegetation bases that I made this past winter.

The towers of the large urban city 'set' also got inventoried and I will get to cutting the remaining roof combs that I need to finish this set of buildings. Once again, the table saw comes into play.

As you might guess, from this and other posts, I am getting away from having 'dedicated' scenery sets for games, and moving towards a entirely modular system. I used to have very specific terrain for each of my 'pre-built' games, and this has gotten to be a difficult storage problem. So, now, I'm doing specific game 'maps' like for Chanis and Ry on my favorite canvas drop cloths, and only building what I need to for games. The one set of specific items I have left is for Anch'ke - but that's the decrepit Sakbe road and a range of low hills, and I can't do a lot about that. Castle Tilketl itself is still in the crate I built for it; we'll keep that, as it's a very fun game. Third Mar and Anch'ke will get new 'maps', as I have copies of Phil's battle maps for each; I'm debating doing Tilketl, as while I do have a map for this I can do the terrain with my modular tiles. Some thinking will have to occur.

I'm also standardizing the table sizes as well. Chanis and Ry are 60" x 90" tables, Third Mar and Anch'ke are 60" x 120", and I think Tilketl will also be a 60" x 120" in the final form. Everything else is modular - the two three-dimensional games (The Lost Temple Complex/Pyramid of Death and the Lake Parunal adventure) are 60" x 60", by the way.

More to come - it was a very busy weekend!!!

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