Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Weekly Update - Sunday, April 10th, 2016 - A Pause In Our Barsoomian Idyll

Doors and barges. I'm a happy camper, I am.

We're in a bit of a pause in our Barsoomian idyll, as I get the sanding jig set up for the resin thoats. One of the little annoyances of the resin casting process is that the resin will often develop a concave surface on the inner side of a large casting; this is caused by the resin shrinking very slightly as it cures. This results in the face of the casting that was the 'top' / 'open' side of the mold being a little dished out. It's an easy fix, much like removing the flash off of a metal or plastic part; however, because the thoats are large castings, and I really do have a soft spot for them - after waiting for some thirty years for them! - I want to do a really good job on them. So, I've made a little sanding jig so that I can get a perfectly flat surface and a tiny join line when I glue them together.

In the meantime, TRE Games has scored again. I submit for your delight the new 'Closed Doors' pack (28H007), which has 12 doors and thresholds - six arched doors, six flat-topped - and suitably etched with stonework and wood grain. I am delighted with these, as I always seem to need heaps and heaps of doors for the players to knock down, break through, pick up to use as shields, and all the other antics that players tend to get up to. The doors are etched on both sides, so you can indeed have left- and right-handed doorways. I have tons of uses for these, ooohhh yyessss...

Our other offering from TRE is a 'bateau' - a pretty basic boat in their 15mm range, and intended for their series of useful items for the Black Powder era. This is a lovely little kit, easy to build and etched with planking; there are interior details, as well. They assemble into very strong little boxes, and are quiet sturdy. They can be used 'right out of the box', too, as the natural wood makes them look just fine 'as is'.

But, I hear you say, you are a 25mm / 28mm guy! Well, yes, I am; but these handy little boats look just fine loaded up with crates and sacks in my larger scale. They make great barges and lighters, suitable for those scenes in the harbor or on the canal, and are just the right size to be poled along by sturdy watermen or 'borrowed' by desperate player-characters in frenzied escapes from Certain Death. You'd see these in any large harbor from Antiquity to Modern, being poled, rowed, or towed to move goods around from ship to ship, ship to shore, or shore to shore. They are also good for river traffic, too, and will be moved along by the same means.

However, these are not 'landing craft' in the modern sense; the sloped bow may look that way, but this is a fixed bow, not a ramped one. One could indeed use them in a landing action, but they are much more in the line of the ship's boats that were formally used for such landings. (See also the "Hornblower" TV series for this kind of thing.) Beach assaults are the province of raiding parties, which is what we like - lots of employment for those pesky player-characters!

I should also mention that I am working on a post / essay on painting figures, at a regular reader's request. I'll get this done as soon as I can, and see about some pictures as well.

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