Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday, May 30th, 2016 - Thoughts On A Memorial Day

My father, in his native habitat; There are no photos
of my stepfather in his, as it was classified.
Still is, too, I've found out. Something called 'Magic'...

It's Memorial Day, and the last day of my vacation. It's been a pretty good two weeks off, and while my health wasn't so good for the first week, I have been in very good shape the second. Had two very good weekends, what with the CSA 'reunion', the Blackmoor game, and the niece's wedding; it's been great to reconnect, catch up, and do family things.

And a bit of model-building got done, which always helps recharge my batteries; got back to some very old and very neglected projects, like the tubeway car, and I'm very happy to see some movement on them at long last. Getting the stripped figures sorted was also a nice thing - I think I finally have a grip on what I have in stock, and what I'm going to do with it all.

Having the G5 desktop finally start showing it's age was not a happy thing, but getting into service the laptop the Missus bought me, back in December with her Christmas money, has been; it's got some very nice features, and she managed to transfer all my data files safely. And I get to use the keyboard and track ball that I'm used to, so I think we're good all around.

I tend to get more then a little philosophical on Memorial Day; I think a lot about my dad and stepdad, and all of the other people I've known and not known over the years who have put everything on the line for what they believe in. I've been finding myself thinking about them and what they've done, over the years, more and more; as the debates over the issues of the day get more and more shrill, and less and less civil, I do have to wonder what they would have thought about all of it.

I find myself shying away more and more from the debates and discussions, as I feel that my relatively moderate position on a great many issues is simply not welcome to the proponents of the extremely polarized positions I see go by; 'Yer either fer us or agin us!' seems to be the order of the day, and I've gotten more and more tired of what feels to me like a waste of my time and energy - I simply don't participate in a great many fan forums and discussion groups on line, any more, and also in personal face to face encounters as well.

I've heard some truly stupid things come out of people's mouths, over the last five years, and the ratio of stupid to smart seems to be on the increase in the past year. (More of the former, less of the latter, to be precise.) And my rate of participation has been dropping pretty quickly, as a direct result. I am finding that I have no interest in a lot of the burning issues of the day; viewed against the broad tapestry of history, they don't seem all that burning to me.

Yes, I will admit that I'm looking more and more inward, these days. Looking outward hasn't done much for me and the Missus, and we're not all that willing to throw good after bad; continuing to support other peoples' causes, and being told by those same people what while our time, money, and effort are theirs to command - there's a huge sense of entitlement, out there, amongst some people - but that we are the evil oppressors who are thwarting them in their desires isn't inspiring us to continue supporting those people and causes.

I wonder what my dad and stepdad would have made of all this. I do wonder, not just today but most days...

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