Monday, January 16, 2017

The Weekly Update - Monday, January 16th, 2017 - Utter Pandemonium!!!

Fifth Daughter, giving Comrade Putin a headache.

As mentioned in these pages, Fifth Daughter has come to live with us while she finishes her studies and gets her degree. Things have been going pretty well, at least until noon on Saturday; the moving company called her, and announced that all of her worldly goods would be arriving here at the little house in half an hour.

As might be expected, pandemonium broke out, as we cleared out enough space for what I ahd been told would be ten cubic meters of stuff from her apartment in Zurich. I was in a fine state of distraction, I can tell you, but she and her eldest sister simply gave me The Daughter Look, and assumed that Dad would fix it.

Well, he did; we managed to get everything ready, and then waited for three hours for the truck to arrive. When it did, we got everything in, and I managed to leave enough room in her new abode to assemble her beloved IKEA loft bed. This went together well, with the proviso that daughters should not pack their loft bed hardware in one of their 72 unmarked boxes, and carry the hardware in their checked luggage.

However, being A Dad, I got out my huge box of All Hardware From IKEA (You find them in the IKEA 'As Is' Department, five bucks for five pounds of hardware), and started to assemble the bed with what I had while Third Daughter, Second Son, and Fifth Daughter did the Dance of the Dancing Boxes and finally located the three unique bits of hardware needed to finish the installation. (Yes, I did have a back-up plan. I always have a backup plan.) I am very pleased that she got to sleep in her own bad, that night, with her own sheets, pillows, and blankets. It's a Dad Thing.

Now, besides all this 'family news', there's some very serious model-building news in all of this. Fifth Daughter's job in Zurich was as a trade show demonstration person for a huge chain of crafts stores, similar to the US chain Michael's, and she has unpacked a nice pile of stuff for Dear Old Dad's model-building projects. Amongst the goodies is a pack of very thin wood veneer with adhesive backing, which I can think of all sorts of uses for.

However, she then sprang the surprise. The sheets are intended for use in the Brother Scan-n-Cut series of machines, which are like printers except that they cut out shapes from computer files. My daughter is not only a demonstrator of this device, but also a highly-trained operator of same. And, she's brought over one of these machines - the very top model, no less! - with her. (The mind boggles.) If I can draw it, I can have it in thin veneers, like on the order of one to two millimeters; this is thinner then what I can usually get in laser-cut stuff, and it opens up a whole new universe of things for my miniatures work.

I had no idea that this technology even existed!!! I was directed to the website, and here it is:

Wall treatments, sails for ships, you name it; this is a whole new world for me to explore, and with the delightful option of being able to do these projects with my daughters.

I am, as you might guess, pretty darn pleased. It's one of the perks of being a father, and makes all the hard work shuffling boxes worth it.

There is going to be a series of posts coming along, as soon as I have the time, expanding on Fiddler's comment to my last post. Many things shall be revealed!

Mush be off; I have to move a fridge back into the basement. More later!!!


  1. 30 minutes! And then it took 3 hours...

    Oh joy.

    There's nothing like family life to keep you on your toes.

    1. Well, yes. We couldn't really start anything, and had to just wait for the truck to arrive. After it did, everything went well; she only had about seven cubic meters of stuff, and her room here is a little larger then the apartment she had in Zurich.

      And yes; there is *never* a dull moment with a family... :)

  2. Wow! Looks like she is paying you back for all that hard work. Rather nice of her.

  3. That sounds wonderful...well except for the hurry up and wait part.

    I can hardly wait to see what you do with the new technology.