Monday, January 23, 2017

The Weekly Update - Monday, January 23rd, 2017 - The News From The BBC, and Taking My Daughter Shopping For Miniatures

Mr. Mornard is on the left.

For those of you who don't regularly follow the BBC, may we suggest clicking on this audio clip:

This is Mike Mornard, who posts on various Internet forums, and comments - often pungently! - on gaming. For Tekumel fans, he's also known as General Korunme Mnashu hi Chaishyani, Mnashu of Thri'il, and commander of the legion of the same name. It's a fun interview, and highly entertaining.

 I served as the Glorious General's staff officer out at Phil's for years, and we had a lot of adventures; Book Three of "To Serve The Petal Throne" is all about these stirring deeds of mighty valor.

It has been a very busy week, unpacking all of Fifth Daughter's worldly goods; we have an astounding number of very nice cardboard boxes to hand, so anyone needing such things should get a hold of us. As soon as possible, as wwe'd like to see out floors again in this decade.

Along the way, I was asked by her to take her miniatures shopping, so that she could pick out her own 'personality figure' for my campaign; she also picked out one for her older sister, Fourth Daughter. We will need to pick out something proper for 4D's husband - something classically Imperial Chinese, of course - and that will complete the family set. For Oldest Sister / Third Daughter and her handsome man, I already have figures in hand for their PCs. First and Second Grandchildren are also covered, thanks to Dr. M. Burns and his Dark Fable Ancient Egyptians.

The new figures are from Dark Sword Miniatures; DSM-1151 for Fourth Daughter, and DSM-4110 for Fifth Daughter. Pictures of these are on the Dark Sword website:

I use a lot of Dark Sword figures as 'personality figures', not only because I happen to know the guy who owns the place, but because these are truly exquisite figures. They may cost a bit more, but you get what you pay for - I have never had a Dark Sword figure that I have not truly enjoyed painting. The level of detail is a little daunting, but hey - it's something to aspire to. They look great on the table, which is what you want for a figure for those special people in your game.

I am terrified at the notion that, eventually, all of my family will be at the same point in the space-time continuum, and I'll be running that game session.

Not much else to report, so I'll be back later on...


  1. Awesome stuff. Do your daughters paint your own, or do you do it for them?

    That's not some sort of sexist dig, BTW...I consider you an expert painter and would happily allow you to paint my stuff for me, if by some strange twist of fate I was living in Minnesota, running in your campaign, and you had the time and inclination.

    By random coincidence, I was shopping for minis, paints, and brushes this morning with MY daughter. However, she is a couple months shy of her third birthday and will absolutely require me to do the base coat and detail work. Relatedly, we did spend an hour or so at the craft store painting with water-based acrylics. She put a lot on paper, but nearly as much on her hands (purposefully).
    ; )

    1. They are perfectly good at painting their own, but the family opinion is that since these are their personality figures for Dad's campaign, then following ancient (since 1976, out at Phil's) they are Dad's to paint. The Missus also wants me to paint her very vintage Ral Partha 'Elfquest' and RAFM 'Dr. Who' sets for her as well; I had gotten them as a 'courting gift', way back when, and she's like to see them come out of primer and onto the table as she's just not able to paint any more.

      Patience. Get 'em young, and they'll stay with it... :)

      I do paint figures for friends, but I do not accept paid commissions. There's a difference, to me, and I feel that it's important. Shipping is easy, too; we've had some practice at it, over the years...

    2. Whoops! Make that 'ancient tradition'. Sorry!

    3. Wow. I remember those ElfQuest minis (including MadCoil)! Wish I could still find a set!
      : )

  2. Hearing about the shopping trip is very heart warming.

    Cool link.

    1. We both thought that this was pretty special and very nice. :)

      Thank you! You're very welcome!