Friday, October 27, 2017

For Tim Knight - An Answer To Your Questions

That's me. Jeff Berry. Himself.

One of the oddities of my computer is that it's too old to run a browser that Google+ recognizes socially. (This too shall change, in the fullness of time.) One of the long-time readers of this blog sent me a message via Google+, which messages I can read but not directly reply to. So, here's a reply to Tim, with my answers interleaved with his text...

From: Tim Knight  Oct 27, 8:43 AM

Dear Chirine (apologies, after all these years of 'knowing' you, I don't know your non-Tekumel name!),

Jeff Berry. An odd part of my relationship with Phil (Prof, Barker) was that he always called me 'Chirine', never - with one exception - 'Jeff'.

I've published my HeroPress blog for 10 years. The other year I ran a series of 'profiles' of bloggers, under the banner of SIX OF THE BEST (as everyone answers the same six simple questions about their blog and blogging in general).

I'm about to launch a second wave of profiles and was wondering if you would be willing to participate? (You can find links to the first wave here:

Sure; be happy to!

If you are, please answer the questions below and send them back to me in your own time. If you have any images you'd like me to use (I usually run three or four with the interviews), please feel free to send them as attachments - otherwise I'm more than happy to source my own.

Feel free to use anything from this blog or my Photobucket page. Otherwise, let me know what you'd like to see, and I'll dig something up for you.

The questions are:
(1) How long have been blogging, and how’d you get into it in the first place?

Heck, I don't really know. The original version of this little effort got started some eight years ago, I  think. I started this as a way to talk about gaming with Phil in his creation, and it went on from there. There was a lot of blogging going n back then, and I thought it might be fun.

(2) What do you blog about, and how frequently do you post?

My gaming, my miniatures, my adventures, and life in general.

(3) How does your blog stand out from all the rest?

No idea. Seriously. I think about the only really 'unique' feature of this blog is that it's the on-going story of Phil's original Thursday night gaming group, with ran from 1976 to 1988.

(4) What’s the best (and worst) thing about blogging?

Being able to talk with people about our adventures. Trying to say something intellegnt on a regular basis.

(5) Do you have any self-imposed rules (or guidelines) for your blog?

Yes, very much so. See the 'Pages' section for this, where I have 'The Rules Of Engagement'.

(6) Name one blog everyone should be reading (other than your own).

Tenkar's Tavern, for gamers; yours, for fans in general.

I cannot stress enough that this isn't a financial deal, there's no pressure, no advertising, no obligation. It is primarily a bit of fun to spread the love of blogging and our geeky hobbies.

Sounds good to me!

I look forward to hearing from you, whether you're participating, want to know more, or just telling me to sling my hook.

Well, here you go. Does this help?

- Chirine / Jeff


  1. Jeff BERRY! I thought it was Jeff PERRY all this time

  2. Thank you so much for the speedy response, Jeff. I'll let you know when the interview is ready to run on HeroPress.