Monday, December 18, 2017

The Year In Review and Preview, Continued

Cargo capacity, in action

Well, it's been a very long day here at The Workbench. The van is now in the shop, where the guys who have been looking after it for over a decade will - I hope - puzzle out what's wrong. We are home, with a mighty big Jeep thing as our rental; I feel like I should wear jodhpurs and a pith helmet, very time I look at it. We're both exhausted, and I'm looking forward to getting to bed in a bit.

Every year, about this time, I like to talk about what's been and what - I hope! - will be. Retiring the cargo van to stand-by status is part of this; we're not going to take the poor old thing (it's a 2002, by the way) outside of the local area any more. We did this early in the past year, and the long trip seems to have been the start of our current issues. So, no long trips unless we use a rental van; I've set everything in our inventory up for this kind of transportation, so we're in good shape if we do have to make a road trip to a convention.

This does lead to where I'm going with my gaming. The March trip was, and is, likely to be the last time the Missus and I try to do a long road trip; neither or us is in the best of health, and neither of us wants to try any long trips again. Local trips, up to an hour away from the house, are doable; longer trips, four to six hours, are possible with a lot of advance planning and are not gong to be undertaken lightly.

Which, we feel, is not all that severe an operational limitation. We have, as I've noted in these pages in the past, no real commercial or operational need to do conventions; since we've also been strongly discouraged from doing so by a number of diverse people and interests, we are going to limit ourselves to responding to any possible calls from some folks we know. Specifically, six people by the names of (in no particular order): Malia, Luke, Ernie, Elise, Cindy, and Heidi; I don't know Alex, so we'd have to talk.

Anybody else, you'd better have a budget and be damn well organized; I've been burned by too may people who screwed things up for themselves and for us, and tried out the excuse "If you'd wanted it organized perfectly, you should have done it yourself." Quite probably true, which is why I've gotten my side of the thing dialed in so that I can do events with little or no effort on my part, and I can do it all by myself; if I've learned one thing over the past forty-some years, is that the people who protest the most loudly that they'll be there to help are the ones most likely not to show up. (In fairness, the ones who tout themselves the least always show up and work the hardest.)

For the future, it'll be local events for me. I'm set up for them, I'm equipped for them, and I'm willing to do them. As for what they'll be, we're looking at the model of what we did for Free RPG Day as the usual thing, with the option of having a weekend 'micro-convention' further down the road. We've done this in the past, as we've noted, and we really liked the result. So, we'll go with what works, and play to our strengths.

Next up: The Nature Of Gaming, Hereabouts.

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