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The Custom Of The House - Weekly Update - January 28th, 2018

Player Characters, 1974 - 1976

Player Characters, 1976 - 1978+

Player Characters, 1978-1988+

Player Characters, next Sunday at 1:00 p. m.

As promised, we're back to our regular programming. More about miniatures and Tekumel in a minute, but I wanted to share a wonderful moment with everyone. I was in The Source, my FLGS, today on an errand when I happened to get started on talking about miniatures in our games. (Big surprise, this. Not.) A gentleman who happened to be listening tapped me on the shoulder, and asked "You're Chirine, aren't you?" I was astounded and delighted, and then bent the poor guy's ear off taking about Tekumel for a while. It was simply wonderful - I never expected moments like this, when I started this little effort in blogging, and I'm pleased as punch that I got the chance to tell somebody about the fun we had in Phil's world with him as our guide.

It was a great moment, I tell you.

Okay, so it's the spring of 1976, and I'm out at Phil's to paint figures for him, and the next thing I know I get drafted (press-ganged, really!) into playing in his campaign. In very short order, I started doing figures for all the players, and here are four photos of those figures. I still have not gotten around to finishing off their new TRE bases, so any suggestions would be welcome; their original cardboard bases got wet decades ago and had to be replaced, and I'm still dithering over what to finish the new bases off with.


1) Some of Phil's original 1974 players:

Craig, Dave, Mike (1), Debbie, Michael; Craig liked to collect weapons of the Ancients.

2) The Original Thursday Night Group:

Erica, Rick, Jim, Gregg, Jeff / Chirine I - the last is my leaden alter ego, of course.

3) The new players in the Original Thursday Night Group:

Kathy, Mike (2), Ken, Fred; Kathy went on to have several more figures, as she had a number of costume changes over the years.

4) The tradition continues; these are my fellow players in the 5th Edition D & D group:

Jen, Maya, Patrick, Paul, Chirine II, Trixie

Next up: our friends the NPCs.

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