Monday, February 5, 2018

The Custom Of The House Continued - The Weekly Update - Monday, February 5th, 2018

Nothing like a bit of zombie-bashing to start with...
Entering the maze and mapping it out...
And, of course, things go sour...
Ever tried running to somebody's rescue in a maze?

If I may be permitted a short pause in the historical account, my 5e group (I am the GM when they visit Tekumel, and a player when we go back home to Blackmoor; my co-GM does the reverse as we share the duties) met yesterday and the new figures for the player-characters went over a treat. Everybody liked them - one player specified a different hair color, but that's no problem - and we used them in what's for me the 'traditional' way; as a tactical display on the table. My co-GM has a huge collection of really big battlemats that puts my collection of flip-chart graph paper to shame, and we played on that. I like to have the maps already made up, as it does save time in the game, but his approach worked out very well in this game session as we were going into a maze that had to be mapped out as we went along.

Things did go rather pear-shaped, as Alan Tichmarsh would say, and we then spent a bit of time running around in the maze trying to rescue our endangered party members. It all ended well, if you don't mind starting the next game session in a maze; I took lots of photos to accurately document where we all were, on the small Sony CyberShot I keep in my briefcase for game sessions.

Which, if I may enthuse for a moment, is the wonder and joy of digital cameras. Quite a while back, The Missus got me a Sony Mavica (MVC-FD97, to be exact) and this has been my workhorse camera for years. The 20x lens package is taken from Sony's line of video lenses, and is really useful for my photo-documentation. Back in the day, getting a camera - let along getting it to a game session! - was both difficult and expensive. These days, it's very easy, and very practical. The FD-97 has been joined by both a vintage FD-95 (A surplus purchase, new in the box; it's a spare and back-up unit) and a really neat pocket camera, a Sony CyberShot DSC-V1; this latter has a lens package that's not as good as the Mavicashave, but the incredible size of the storage media and the high quality of the images makes this my preferred game session camera with the Mavicas becoming my preferred 'studio' cameras.

I had a very good time; I am not what I'd call an 'active' player, as I tend to spend a lot of the time thinking tactically and looking to our flanks and rear to make sure that nobody dry-gulches us. The other players seem to like this, as I'm always ready to let them take the lead but am always ready to lumber to the rescue in all my steel-armored might. The next game session is at the end of March, after my co-GM finishes up with his convention commitments, and I'll have more then.

In the meantime, I'll get out some NPC figures and get some photos shot for you, shall I?

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