Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Custom Of The House - Some NPCs

Harchar, his officers, and a pair of wizards;

People we know;

The Tlakotani;
Some people from the Garden of the Weeping Snows.

We met a lot of people in our adventures with Phil in his world, and we liked to have them on the table with us. So...

1a: Dave Arneson and his crew - Staffswinger, Swordswinger, Harchar, Fishface, and Hardtack the purser. (The first two got their names from the figures I used for them; Dave gave the latter two their names, based on their stats and occupations.)

1b: Two of the Undying Wizards, Thomar and Turshanmu.

2. The extended family: Ah Ti Ko, Si N'te, Nyssa, Tsahul, Mridan Vishetru.

3a. Deq Dimani, and the Tlakotani - Eselne, Mridobu, Ma'in.

3b. A friend and wonderful author: Kyrinn Eis Ebbridda, which I include to show that The Custom of the House is still in good health. (This figure is one of a matched pair; this is the Tekumelyani version, and Kyrinn has the Urutsk version.)

4. Some of the folks we met while visiting the Garden of the Weeping Snows. I also have a squad of the Pale Legion, too.

Lots of conversions, done from the figures I could get. Lots of Ral Partha figures, of course; can you spot the one from Superior Miniatures? Or what line that dear old rascal Harchar is from?

As you might guess, we used a lot of miniatures in Phil's games, and I enjoyed the look on his face when I'd pass the box of new ones up the table to him. If I may immodestly quote him...

"Chirine makes the most clever little miniatures!"

Thank you, Phil. I'll take that one, coming as it did from a master himself... :)

Next up? I don't know; maybe the priests and priestesses of the Twenty that I did for our games?

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