Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Lifeboat, The Ship, And Some Stuff Got Done - The Weekly Update - Sunday, February 11th, 2018

The Lifeboat

The Ship

It's been a long week, with people being sick at work and me having to cover, but we're starting off a new week pretty nicely; the VW is here, and will go off to the garage to be checked out and a tire fixed. The poor old van is finally back, after a two-week stay at the garage to finally get the issues with it starting resolved. One new radiator, one new ignition coil,  one new distributor cap and rotor, and what may have been the root cause of the problem a new 'crank sensor'. The van now starts first time, every time, which is not bad for a vehicle with 338,100 miles on the clock. I'm also $1,200 poorer, but at least the problem is fixed. (I hope.)

In other news, I've been able to get some time to slap some paint on the new Dark Fable 'Anubis' figures, and I'll have photos up shortly; I've just run out of time, this weekend. I think they look better then the photos on the campaign might indicate, but that may be just my old-fashioned tastes in figures.

I had a very bad scare with the 'standing genie' figure. While gluing her separate left forearm to the figure, her tiny (2mm, maybe) wrist broke and I had a very bad fifteen minutes looking for the very tiny part. I did, and already had rescued her hand, and after a little work with an emery board to get a good, flat, and polished joint managed to get her all back together. Quite the scare, though!

I'll have more photos of my old figures for you this week, if people are interested...

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