Friday, March 2, 2018

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due, or, It's Not All Doom And Gloom Around Here...

As the title says, it's not all doom and gloom in these parts. As mentioned, Con of the North came around a while back, and my brother and my nephew stopped by for dinner. There's a game shop next door to our favorite food place, and The Missus got the giggles after seeing this set on the shelf.

It was kind of point of honor between Phil and I, back in the day, that if we ran into it in our games we'd have it on the table for the gamers to boggle over. A lot of what could be described as 'accessories' got made, and I still like to have these sorts of things around for games - if only for the comic possibilities, like the time the Glorious General ran through a campfire yelling his head off; everybody thought he was being particularly heroic, but he said it was to get the vicious biting ants out of his kilt.


So I got this set, along with a figure for the new Rogue in our 5e campaign, and I was pretty delighted to be able to have this for players to marvel at. I did run into an issue, though; the box printing was in error, with the contents list for the painted version of the set instead of this unpainted version. I contacted Wizkids about this, and they directed me to their product support site, as they were aware of the problem with the discrepancy of the contents. I was very pleasantly informed that they were standing behind their product, and they had sets of miniatures to make up the differences in the sets all ready to go and one such set is now on the way to me.

I am very, very happy to be dealing with a company that owns up to mistakes and supports their products. That's good business, and I support that. The figures are good, they come already in primer, and they paint up well. I got some more of their line this past week, as I believe in supporting a company that does business this way.

So, lots of fun here, and I'll have photos after I get some paint on these...

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