Saturday, March 3, 2018

Packages And Load-ins - The Weekly Update - Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

Just arrived today! Hurrah!

I'm happy to report that my envelope from Wizkids arrived in today's mail, and that the "Adventurers' Campsite" set is now complete. The two horses will go to the new 'Blackmoor' miniatures tray, and the various accessories to the little sorting boxes - formerly fishing tackle boxes, I think - that I use for stuff like this. Organization is key when using 'props' / 'set dressing' like this in games; one should be able to get the stuff out and on the table quickly, so as not to slow down the flow of the game play.

As you can probably see from the various photos I've taken of my games that are here and on my Photobucket page, I love 'clutter' like this for games. It always seems more satisfying for players to be able to say "I duck behind the barrels!" and I find the setting-up and setting-out to surprise the players to be just as satisfying. It's a particular play-style, I freely admit, and not for everyone or to everyone's taste in gaming. So, I'm very happy to have this set - it's like getting a package from John McEwan, back in the day, who made a huge range of stuff like this that we all used in out games.

The "Ezmerelda's Wagon" did kind of stump me for a little bit, as it doesn't look all that much like a historical wagon - what with The Missus being such a horse fan, we have a lot of books on horse-drawn vehicles, so off I went to do a little research in the stacks and on the Internet. Luckily for me, I have a nice selection of books and brochures from various British museums on living wagons, like the vardo, living van, and the showmen's wagon, so I have a lot of good references from which to work up a decent paint scheme. I can't tow it around with a steam traction engine in 'Blackmoor', but I'll see about a draft horse or two - the two horses in the set are riding horses, and would not have been used as the motive power for the wagon. (And yes, I do have several nice traction engines on the model railway.) I also picked up the titling cart and a pair of oxen, so one of those can pull this wagon and the other the cart.

(I was also led to the D&D module that the wagon was originally introduced in, "The Curse of Strahd". I read through that, in search of model information, and didn't particularly like it for several reasons. As I seem to have cause a bit of a ruckus on Google+ with my earlier observations, I'll save my thoughts on the subject for another time.)

Two other projects got done today; I was asked for some photos of the game room for a possible magazine article, and I had to bring a 52" LCD screen in from The Bug. It measures 49" across, and The Bug had 52" of width, so it just fit. This is another surplus buy, and I'm hoping to use it as a table-top display for games. The Missus is a whiz at electronic stuff - she updated the OS on this computer, Friday - and has suggested doing digital maps like the one she adapted from Phil's huge map of the Jakallan Underworld. This 52" is heavy, but very 'over-built' for what I want. It'll also act as a back-up to the 52" plasma screen in the game lounge, like the Sony 42" LCD does for the plasma screen in the game room. Wiring up the video systems has started, and we're off on a wonderful new phase in our gaming.

Oh, and I got the laundry done, too.

Tomorrow, it's groceries and painting miniatures! Hooray!!!

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