Monday, March 26, 2018

Play Style: Dave Arneson - The Weekly Update (1) - Monday, March 26th, 2018

Not just 'epic', but EPIC!

The article about the game room over on Multiverse has resulted in more then a few questions coming my way, and chief amongst them is "What was it like to play with Dave/Gary/Phil?"

I'll try to answer that; I used to suggest a video clip on YouTube, the short film "The Duel At Blood Creek", as an eample of a typical Dave Arneson game, as it's got all sorts of detail, swordplay, great dialog, and a surprise ending that I won't spoil for you if you watch it. Eveything I'd expect from a game with Dave, and full of laughter and excitement with great dollops of sheer fun.

I have, I think, finally found something that really does give that true 'Arneson flavor'. May I commend to you the series of epic (and I do mean EPIC!) "Baahubali" films. For information on them, please see:

The series is all about the adventures of The Hero, and all of the Heroines and Sidekicks you'd ever want to see. I will not give you any spoilers; I will give you a taste of the world of "Baahubali", because it's just like what playing in Blackmoor was with Dave:

1) The Heroine is in Dire Peril; being a Heroine, she gets right down to slaughtering the bad guys, but can't get enough arrows into the air to stop them. Just as it looks grimmest, The Hero arrives...

2) The Villain, who really is a villain what with repressing the people and keeping The Hero's beloved mother in prison and tormenting her with stories about what he's going to do to her son if he shows up to rescue her, suddenly finds The Hero and his army outside the city; as the walls are impregnable, he feels safe, but, The Hero will rescue his beloved mother, no matter what...

When I say 'epic' gaming, I mean EPIC! gaming, which is what I learned from Dave.

If you can do flying shield walls in your adventures, you are playing in an 'Arnesonian' EPIC! style...


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