Monday, March 26, 2018

Play Style: Gary Gygax - The Weekly Update (3) - Monday, March 26th, 2018

Still a classic RPG movie, I think.

We've come full circle in my gaming life, to Gary Gygax. This is actually the hardest post to write, as I have a lot less gaming 'face time' with Gary then I had with Dave and Phil; I really on saw him at conventions and after TSR stockholders' meetings, where I had been sent by Dave to annoy the Blume brothers with questions they they didn't really want to answer.

For Gary, I used to suggest an animated short film, "The Duel", as an example of Gary's skill at taking a premise and running with it. He was very, very good at this, and you were careful as a result. He was, I think, the 'middle ground' between Dave and Phil, with a little of Dave's 'improv' style and some of Phil's 'grand historical epic' school. He was very good, very quick, and very literate - the much-discussed 'Appendix N' was a list of the books and films that had inspired him, and it's still one of the best introductions to the genre that I can think of.

Which leads us to the two 1980s "Conan" movies. Yes, they both do have issues, but I think they do serve as example of what playing with Gary was like. A straight-foward tale of adventure and derring-do, with a dash of romance thrown in every now then to remind you why you were out having an adventure and why there were other things in an adventurer's life then loot.

If you have the time, get a bucket of popcorn, and sit down in front of the biggest screen you can find and watch "Conan the Barbarian: and "Conan the Destroyer". It's all about a couple of parties of adventurers off on quests, which is the heart and soul of this RPG thing we do.

Questions? Thoughts? How can I describe this better?

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