Monday, March 26, 2018

Play Style: M. A. R. Barker - The Weekly Update (2) - Monday, March 26th, 2018

Even more epic, 'cause it's historical...

Continuing in our EPIC! vein, gaming with Prof, Barker in his Tekumel. Again, I used to suggest a video, this one about the siege of Jotapata:

Being in the legions, back in the day, we did a lot of this kind of thing. But, as Phil's campaign matured, we spent more and more time in the culture and in society. Enter the historical epic of the Maratha soldier, Bajirao:

Phil loved this kind of thing, and regularly borrowed from 'real' history to fill out his 'created' history of Tekumel. As this story is a little more complicated, I'd suggest this review of the movie:

And again, a little taste; The Queen, Our Hero's wife, is not delighted by her husband's falling in love with another woman (even thought she's a princess from the next kingdom over from her own) but when the court exiles the new girl to the courtesans' quarters - which is an insult, frankly - the queen steps in and invites the princess to join her, thereby making the princess her friend, ally, and co-wife:

(Please note: you don't need subtitles; the acting is that good.)

This movie is Phil, at his best: Action! Adventure! Romance! His creation of Tekumel has been described by some gamers as "weird and inaccessible", but I disagree; this is all Phil, all the time, with all the life, love, excitement, and detail of something he'd been working on since 1948.

Sharpen your tulwar, get into your armor, and let's have an adventure! There's treasure to be found, battles to be fought, friends to help, mysteries to be solved, kingdoms to be won, and dreams to be dreamed!

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