Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunken City, One Each, For The Use Of Gamers - Sunday, July 1st, 2008 - The Weekly Update

The table, looking north. GM table in the back. Time to set was forty minutes.

The table, looking southwest. The Giant Octopus stands in for the Kraken.

You never have enough sharks. Plastic sharks on GW flight stands.

The GM table, with poker chips, dice, and Giant Sea Life ready to hand..

Before I get into the game report proper, a few comments on the game itself. I got a short 'specification' for the table, which was "A sunken city; giant sea creatures would be nice." So, that's what the GM got. The wonderful Stonehouse pyramids got interior details, which the players figured out pretty quickly and took the time to explore. (And loot.) The Giant Jellyfish went over the proverbial treat, with one player opting to use one of them for her PC figure.

I took a litlte time to drill the plastic - vinyl, really - sharks for fitting with GW clear plastic flight stands, and this seemed to please everybody and be well worth the time. I thought it made for a much better-looking school of sharks, especially when the huge melee got started.

Speaking of which, I was quite fascinated by the way that the players understood the poker-chip depth system, and how they used it to great effect. They 'got' the three-dimensionality of the game instantly, and then used it to 'stack' themselves to get more attacks on their targets when they had melees. Very effective, and I started to feel a bit peckish and went to the fast-food outlet next door for a fish sandwich.

This group plays a very fast game; the pace is very, very quick, and the combat rounds incisive and tight. All of the new players - we had several - were coached and helped by the more experienced ones, and everybody had a very good time.

Next up: blood in the water - we're gonna need a bigger boat...

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