Friday, August 24, 2018

The Thing Has Legs! - Friday, August 24th, 2018 - The (Delayed) Weekly Update

Art by Jaime Jasso, I think, and really good!
I am really late with this week's update, for which I hope you'll all forgive me. The new forum is really picking up steam, and so is the newly-revived RPG campaign.

First off, a couple of house-keeping announcements:

Bob Meyer (who inherited Dave Arneson's original Blackmoor campaign and runs an annual game for the original Blackmoor players) was kind enough to drop by the 'Free RPG Day' event, and offered a comment or two on the game. His comments, along with Griffith Morgan's, are on the latter's blog for his documentary about Dave, "Secrets of Blackmoor":

Gosh. Thank you, gents; we try. :)

Howard Fielding, of The Tekumel Project, reports that Dr. Mike Burns of Dark Fable Miniatures has a new Kickstarter campaign up, with some new miniatures that are very handy for us Tekumel - and Braunstein! - types:

The Missus has already made her selections, and I'll soon see some new figures on the Workbench. And, of course, please use the link in the opposite column to visit Howard's blogs and see what he's up to - you'll be amazed and amused!

The new forum, , has really taken off and really helped reduce my workload. I'm using the forum to run the day-to-day questions and answers that I get; this blog will continue, and serve as the platform for more in-depth and philosophical musings. As my work week is pretty fixed and stable, it looks like my Saturdays will normally be my 'domestic chores' day and Sundays will be my 'gaming day' - with a lot of writing thrown in. The new game group will be meeting on the Fourth Sunday of each month, in the evening, and that means I'll be back to a regular schedule of working like a fiend between game sessions on miniatures and doing a lot more writing. I used to do this with the old campaign, but on a two-week turnaround cycle, and those were some of the most productive years of my life.

The new campaign, in conjunction with the trip to Alabama, has really jump-started my gaming again. I've had a run of very good gaming of late, and I've really been enjoying getting out into the world and both running games and building games. I was very surprised to be asked to run a new campaign after the 'RPG Day' event; I've been even more surprised at the way the notion of going off and having adventures in Phil's work, in the way we did back in the day, has hit a very responsive chord with an astounding number of Twin Cities gamers. We're going to have a full house on Sunday, and I'm really pleased with that.

To add to my delight, two of my daughters and one of my sons-in-law will also be there, playing their characters from my previous Tekumel game group, so we'll have the kind of historical continuity that I am so very fond of. The campaign - given the personalities of the players! - promises to be absolutely, positively epic.

Reports to follow...

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