Sunday, September 9, 2018

Reconstructing The Game Room - to handle the crowds!

A little reconstruction is going on...

This may not be the longest update that I've done, but it's possibly of interest to people. We tested some of the PCs we have in the game room yesterday, as we gear up for video calls via Skype or Google hangouts. The second-hand Dell failed to power up, but the equally second-hand Hewlett-Packard did, and we were able to test the camera that we got with the Dell.  Speed was slow, due to the USB port in the HP being not the high-speed one that the camera prefers, but so it goes; we have a tech on call to look at the Dell. Either way, things are moving forward.

I've been doing a bit of thinking - you can hear the gears clashing - and we're going to have a week off a week from today to get a lot of the domestic 'to-do' list done in time for winter. We're finally getting out to the garden sheds to clean up the wreckage from several month's solid game sessions, and getting the workshop finally cleaned up after a decade of 'mend-and-make-do'; the goal is to get it cleared out enough to be able to have guests in there to work on things. This stems from a request from various members of the new game group to have a place to work, on the nights when we don't have enough people t play and nobody wants to watch a movie.

However, since I do have a spare 52" plasma screen, we'll mount that on the wall in the workshop so we can have our painting nights and our movies too. The spare 42" LCD will stay as our 'mobile reserve', as it is the lightest of all our big screens and was originally bought for use at conventions.

Speaking of which, in a surprise move The Missus is getting her own vehicle - a mid-size pick-up truck. She likes these, and her brother has a spare that she's getting. This means that the elderly Astro, with it's 339,000 (!) miles on the odometer, will revert to being my cargo vehicle and kept in reserve for possible convention trips. It will, as we've noted in these pages, not be our main transport - the Bug and the new pick-up will be - but the van is paid for and all we have to do is keep the insurance paid for the and the oil topped up. It does run reliably, these days, and we'll keep it around for as long as we can.

In other news, TRE Games has some new 28mm kits of Japanese buildings and bridges, and we are sorely tempted to add to our urban collection with these. I usually associate Tekumel with more Middle Eastern styles of architecture, but we shall see if we can't get some research done in the archives; Phil once remarked that the Salarvyani like a more ornate and complex style, so maybe there's hope yet. The kits are really nice.

That's what I have tonight; more later...

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