Monday, September 3, 2018

Dear Phil: You Are Not Going to Believe This! - The Weekly Update - Monday, September 3rd, 2018

Guests at my 25th Birthday party

Dear Phil,

It's been an amazing month since I got back from Alabama. I talked about you and your creation from the time I got in to the time I left, and the response from people was simply amazing. Just like what happened at the 'Free RPG Day' event, folks were utterly fascinated by your world and wanted to know as much about it as they could. Your novels are enjoying a revival, and I'm very pleased by that; so are used book dealers, who are having to ship your novels out as fast as they can find them. All to the good, I say! I'm being asked about the Subtle Hints and Easter Eggs you left, and it's been a lot of fun telling people about our adventures.

The players in the 'Free RPG Day' game asked me to run a Tekumel-based campaign for them, and we've gotten that set up. Much to my astonishment, I've gotten interest from a lot more people then the basement can hold - shades of our days around your Ping-Pong ball table! - and so I've opened up a 'second front' for the campaign on a different day. I'm back my mu old 'week on, week off' schedule of game sessions and build sessions, and I am really looking forward to this - I've always worked better and more productively on a tighter turn-around like this, and I'm already seen a massive increase in my own productivity. The Missus is also enjoying it, as she now gets to demonstrate her perfections as a hostess, and she loves that the house is once again full of life and laughter.

You'd love Waffle The Wonder Dog, Phil, as she's every bit the complete and utter ham that Anubis The Wonder Dog was during our game sessions and a worthy successor to the title.

I'll be continuing this blog, as a way of talking about the more complex and recondite subjects - I still have to get our version of Gary's 'Appendix N' up, as an example, but I think you'll be both happy and amazed that people looking in at this little confection about the games we played have tripled; I came back from Alabama to find that we'd had over 650 hits on that Sunday, and we're still over 200 a day.

The threads on the RPGsite forum, I should mention, collected over 910,000 views in the two years we were on there, and went to something like 900 pages of posts and replies.

The new forum, , has really taken off; in the month that it's been up,  we've been getting an average of over 500 'views' a day, and almost forty people have become members on the forum. I'm amazed by that, as it's all been by word-of-mouth, and I think it shows that your creation still has the power to amaze and fascinate people. I am, I think, pretty sure it isn't my doing, as I think that the excellence of your work speaks for itself and is what is carrying us along.

Me(as I used to say), I just paint the figures. Which have also been pretty wonderful. Howard and The Tekumel Project keeps going from strength to strength, and The Missus keeps finding figures that she is pretty sure you'd like - the new ones from Dark Fable reminded her of you, as the lovely little dancing girl who's one of the stretch goals is the twin sister of the dancer you carved something like sixty years ago.

Life is busy, Phil, but you and your creation are being appreciated a whole lot more then may have been the case in the past.

The Flame Lives, Phil, and we'll keep doing our best to keep it burning.

- chirine

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