Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A Pause For Reflection, After Hearing About Duke's Passing...

Still here; still breathing.

I'm in the midst of a pause to reflect on my gaming, and my life in the hobby. Duke was one of the greatest of all miniatures gamers, and he was an inspiration to me for many years. I still like to run the big, multi-player games; I run them like the good Major's 'Braunstein', but at least I still run them.

And people seem to like them; I usually get a good turn-out, and a great game once the players realize that this is what's called, these days, 'open sandbox play'.

With the turn of the month, we're heading into what's going to be a busy schedule of gaming for me. The even-numbered Sundays will be the game days for the two groups, and the odd-numbered days 'open house' days for people to drop by if they wish and do everything from painting figures to small skirmishes. I think it'll help me, by keeping me in focus, and I'm looking forward to it all. And, if there's a fifth Sunday in the month, I get a day off... :)

Gaming, from my point of view, ha really changed over the past forty years. With this new campaign and game group, I am going back to my roots in gaming to those days at Conflict Simulation Association meetings, where the game was the ting and laughter the rule of the day. We played anything and everything, and I'm headed back into that way of looking at games.

I am usually assumed to be playing / running Tekumel, which has occasioned some confusion when I buy things like my three regiments of Zulus. I do game in other periods, and I may do a little reporting on that in the future. My Ancient Egyptian efforts have spawned some interest, so why not the other Ancient's that I dabble in from time to time?

I'm gonna miss Duke. Hadn't talked to him in years, but I'll always treasure the times I have with him at conventions. Still got some of his paints, too, and still using them...

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