Sunday, November 18, 2018

"Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent..."

"Zhodi", after my son-in-law

"... Made Glorious By The Summer Sun Of Ray N. Welter Heating And Cooling..."

To misquote one W. Shakespeare, writing dialog for a guy who ended up getting a pole-axe in the back of his head and then winding up under a car park.

Our wonderful contractor has been in and gotten the new furnace and central air conditioning installed; the tech crew will be back in tomorrow to finish the electrical work and deal with a leaking valve. It has been a long cold month; while the first part of October wasn't too bad, the latter part and this month have been a grim race to the bottom of the thermometer and a struggle to keep the house above +55F so the pipes wouldn't freeze. if they had, we'd have had to write off the house and move out.

But, that has now been averted. The basement looks like a junkyard, a all the stuff I've been hoarding for the past thirty years had to be moved out of the crew's way. Luckily, I have the four-day holiday weekend coming up, and I should be able to get the mess all sorted before the gamers arrive this coming Sunday.

A lot of the stuff is simply scrap lumber. Both my neighbors have those ceramic pot kind of outdoor fireplaces, so I suspect I'll chop up the stuff for them to use this coming summer. The rest of the mess is old gear, so it'll get tested and sorted out; much of it still has the old tags from when it was last used, back in 1997.

I've also begun demolition in the game room proper, as we get ready for the big move at the end of December. The idea is to address the concerns that people have had over the way the space is laid out; when I redid the game room a few years back, it was after the death of my old campaign - and, to be honest, I never expected to be running a big campaign with a lot of players ever again.

Well, never say never again. The 'Sword And The Flame' has not one but two game groups, and is going from strength to strength. The associated forum, '' is also steaming right along, and I am also very pleased with that.

The basic idea for the move is to put the lounge where the game room is now, and the game room where the lounge is. This will get us a lot more space around the game table, allow for better and more shelves for the miniatures, allow for better and more shelves for the books, and more display space on the walls for maps and art. It'll also allow us to do real 'theater-style' seating for the 52" screen; the 42" plasma will go in the new game room on the wall - I have lots of mounting hardare! - and then be the dis play for our Skype and other ways for people to remote in for games. We had our first remote player at the last Fourth Sunday game session; she was on her way home from Chicago, and remoted in via one of the other player's tablet.

It was very, very cool and a lot of fun hovering the tablet around the table; I think she had a better view then we did.

So, while I'm going to have to do a lot of hard work, I think it'll be worth it. And it's warm in the house, too...

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