Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Month In Review - Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned - The Weekly Update - Sunday, November 4th, 2018

The big Mac is back!

Well. It certainly has been an 'interesting' month. It's been cold; we are still in the process of getting the funding for and installation of a new furnace, and so we've been getting by on the fleet of space heaters for the past month. I can get warm at work - something about that nice warm boiler room I look after - but The Missus has had to contend with the house being at most +68F all day. She's holding up, but I do worry about her. With luck, we'll have the new furnace in by Thanksgiving.

The campaign has been going very well. Both sets of players have been 'bedding in' to Tekumel quite nicely, learning about the world-setting while they engage in sundry adventures. The over-arching meta-game has also been nicely advanced with all kinds of Plot Developments being generated by the players.

And speaking of plots, my beloved old 'billboard' Mac is back in service. The Missus, bless her, was able to find it a new power supply, and has installed both that and original Tekumel hard drive to bring it back on line for my writing. She'll shortly be moving The One True "To Serve The Petal Throne" over from my MacBook that I used for Internet things, and I'll be back at writing by the end of the week.


This machine will still serve as my 'Internet terminal', to use an 'old folks term'; it's located in what's now my 'campaign management workstation' here in our home office. There's even a whiteboard calendar to keep track of dates, and everything I need to manage the campaign and the two game groups. We're gaming here at the house twice a month, and having open houses in between game sessions, so we're becomeing a sort of 'community center' for people interested in he kind of gaming that I do as well s Phil's creation.

So far, so good.

The downside of this past month, aside from the cold, has been the news coming out of both local gaming and national fandom. If I may, here are some links that may help enlighten folks on what's been affecting our lives lately:

As regular readers of this blog will recall, I have very strong opinions about this sort of thing. (Please see also: for a previous post of mine on this.) I am appalled by all of this, especially since so many of my friends and people that I know are involved.

I do not claim to be any sort of 'politically correct' person or gamer - I've been denounced by some of the local 'Social Justice Warriors' for persecuting gays, oppressing women, and assorted other high crimes and misdemeanors in my games and in my life. In fairness, I've also been accused of the opposite all across the board, so I think I'm treading a middle-of-the-road path as both sides of the 'Culture Wars' have told me of the error of my ways.

"My, oh, my!" as Fourth Daughter would say.

So it goes; I worry about pleasing The Missus, and our friends. Beyond that, it seems, I can please no one; so, I think I shall exercise patience and that Third Option.

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