Sunday, January 27, 2019

"The Seven Samurai" Meets "The Longest Day" - Battle Fought And Won By Our Stalwart Adventurers!

Our defenders in position, as the attackers wade ashore, not expecting any resistance

Which they get in quantity, between spells and missile fire

Then the Priestess of Avanthe casts her spell on the shrubbery, and things get nasty on the beach

The attackers fail their morale checks in spectacular fashion...

 The players opted for an at-the-waterline style of defense, and it all worked out well for them. Putting up the stakes above the high-water line stopped the onrushing hordes in what almost instantly became a killing zone for both missile weapons and spells - neither of which the attackers had a counter (or a capacity) for - and while a few of them made it through the stakes into the open they were very quickly (and very messily) disposed of by two Nlyss warriors in armor, with two of the Legion's soldiers also in armor. Which shows you what happens when unarmored rabble meets disciplined soldiers, as Phil would say.

The players caused enough casualties to force multiple morale checks, which got worse and worse as the game went on. Eventually, the attackers had enough, and left in a hurry. Of the four ships, survivors were 50%, 70%, 40%, and 50% of the original crews.

All in all,  very fun and very satisfying game in Ye Olde Style; I even got to discourse on game mechanics a bit.

Next up, in two weeks: Pirate Ships vs. Krakens (well, Akho, really)...

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Ready For Adventure - In Two Weeks!

Looking seaward

Looking along the coast
It's nice and quiet now, but in two weeks our heroine - Murr dir Oboe, late of Nylssa and points south - and her colleagues in the Fourth Sunday Group will have their work cut out for them as the Haida Pakallans drop by for one of their raiding, looting, and pillaging visits. This time, the player-characters are ready and waiting for them so we'll see who ambushes whom.

I very specifically set this table to look like what it would have looked back in the day at either my place or at Coffman Union for  Conflict Simulation Association meeting. Lots of 'Life-Like' model railroad trees and lichen, and the same company's 'grass paper' for ground cover. The buildings are newer, of course; Hudson and Allen, Battlefield In A Box, and Scotia Grendel by way of I-Kore. The stakes to the fore are historical objects in and of themselves - Heritage USA, by 'Duke' himself.

Figures are the usual mixed lot, with the locals from the Foundry range; PCs by The Tekumel Project, Reaper, and Crocodile Games. Real reed boats are from Ecuador, by way of The Missus on a shopping trip at the Minnesota State Fair's 'International Market'.

It took about a half-hour to set this up; what with having all of my miniatures stuff within arm's reach of the table, it is a real pleasure to set things up. As I've mentioned, I like the look of the thing, and I am very happy with the way this table looks.

Mayhem will ensue, at 5:00 pm on January 27, 2019. :)

Ready For Adventure - Tomorrow!

The North Room, set for RPGs

The Tekumel map wall; orrery below and to the left

Tea bar, snack bar, and South Room
It has been a long haul, and thank you all for your very kind comments and patience. We're now set for tomorrow's RPG with the Second Sunday Group, and set for the big fight with the Haida Pakallans that's coming up for the Fourth Sunday Group.

I am tired out, but very pleased. We never had anything like this back in the day, mostly because we were either too nomadic or too logistically-challenged. With this redoing of the rooms, we can now do all the things we used to do balanced on TV trays and wobbly tables.

There's still a lot of detail stuff to do, but the all major and most of the minor things are all done. Next stop, the computer and video gear to be set up and tested...

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Beginnings Of The Beginnings - Weekly Update - January 8th, 2019

I'll have better photos later on...

Well, it has been a very good couple of weeks' vacation. Lots of stuff got moved, and even more stuff sorted into bins for later, but I'm down to the details and getting the miniatures table cleaned off. I'm happy with the results; better access to the book library, better access to the miniatures collection, and access all the way around the table when we play. The northern half of the room is now clear and open for all sorts of things; in addition to 'straight RPGs', we also have the room for people to paint miniatures, read books, and watch movies in a higher degree of comfort. Lots and lots of folding furniture that can be assembled in all sorts of ways, so we are going to be in much better shape then we were over a decade when we first started to use the part of the basement as a game room

To say that I have learned a lot in that decade of gaming would be an understatement.

Many things have changed; instead of one big game group, several small ones with fewer people; net result: more actual game play, with less crowding. Better catering, what with the tea bar, and the buffet table rolls away under the game table when not in use for more room on the floor. More room for campaign maps, with all of Phil's 'northwest continent' on display with lots of blank spaces yet to be filled in by heroic adventurers. Better access to the Tekumel collection, so people can come over and read his texts - yes, I have been getting requests for this.

And, in classic campaign gaming style, the miniatures now have their own room; I can leave games up as long as I need to, as I can still run a second game in the other side of the space. And, as one player pointed out, if it's a 'You-go, I-go' sort of game, then the 'off side' can sit in comfort while their opponents work out what to do. Lots of the small space heaters for the winters, here in the northwoods, and central air conditioning for the summers. I'm happy. :)

What we're going back to is what I used to do in my old apartment, with the 4' x 8' game table, back in the day; invite friends over for an afternoon or evening of fun. In effect, I'm turning back the clock to that time and place, and I think we'll have some fun doing it.

More to come!