Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sea Battle Continued - (5)

Lots of ships got sunk; about half the pirate fleet got off the board, and about a third of the Akho took damage of one kind or another. No clouds were harmed in the making of this game.

All in all, I was very pleased with this game. People had fun playing in it, and I had a lot of fun setting it up and running it.

Sea Battle Continued (4)

The running battle became general across the board, with the Akho having to be very careful of the rams on the pirates' warships - the merchant ships counted as blunt force trauma, with the larger ships abl to kill an Akho by ramming. This was not a very one-sided battle; both side got pretty hammered in the fighting.

Sea Battle Continued (3)

As might have been expected, a melee broke out in the rear of the convoy as the first group of Akho attempted to drive the ships into their submerged ambush. Lacking depth charges, the wicked pirates started throwing food supplies overboard in an attempt to distract the Akho.

When they ran out of hardtack, they started throwing slaves over the side. I had to come up with grappling and digestion rules on the spot. More markers came out to indicate who was being fed, and the movement penalties involved.

Sea Battle, Continued (2)

The pirates elected to split their fleet into several squadrons, as did the Akho. The latter then threw me for a loop, announcing that they were electing to submerge most of their forces and attack from below. I had to come up with submarine rules on the spot, put ot chits on the miniatures to indicate who was and was not submerged, and the game continued.

The Haida Pakallans vs. The Akho - 1

The story behind this fight is that one of the players made a comment to the effect that it would be fun to actually play out the battle between the pirate fleet and the Akho. In the best Dave Arneson tradition, we did.

Any student of naval warfare would instantly recognize this as a prime example of the Jeune Ecole school of naval strategy, with the Haida Pakallans playing the role of Queen Victoria's Royal Navy and the Akhon the role of the French Republic's torpedo boats.

The pirates enter on the north side of the table and have to get the majority of their fleet off the south side. The Akho enter from the east side of the table. Both sides need to watch out for the shoal waters near the shore, thoughtfully marked out by lit buoys from IKEA provided by Yours Truly. The round templates are clouds, and move with the wind.

The pirates are being played by four of the Fourth Sunday group, and the Akho by the five members of the Second Sunday group.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Out of the depths and into the light - Two steps forward, one step back...

We're off on a boat, again...

My apologies for being off the air for so long; it's been a pretty poor month in my gaming life. The actual gaming has been really grand, with both game groups really getting into their groove and into Tekumel. It's the external stuff that has really gotten me down, and I'll avoid burdening you with it.

Suffice it to say that the New Year's game sessions have been a success, and the Tiki decorations will go back into storage for another year.

We'll be back this week with our regular programming, including the photos from the sea fight.

Thanks for your patience!