Wednesday, September 18, 2019

"Plastics. The future is in plastics."

First bought for Sixth Daughter for her new campaign.

Harchar's rascals. Period.

Something for me, too...

So, if you don't mind, let's lighten the mood here at The Workbench.

Multi-part plastic figures get some distain from some of the Serious Wargamers I know, but then they don't game on a budget like I do. In these boxes, you get a lot of miniatures for your money, and for a model-builder like me, they are great kits. So...

'Frostgrave' "Soldiers II" - 20 figures to the box

No, I don't play the game. I first got this box for my Sixth Daughter for her world-setting in her new campaign. She squealed with delight, as they fit her world perfectly; the figures are so good I got a box for myself for my Dark Ages campaign. These are nice and crisp castings, and look really good.

You get a variety of basic torsos, and a huge selection of arms and heads. I think, based on the sprues, you'd need to built something like 100 of these boxes before you repeated a combination. What made me happy was the assortment of adventurer's accessories like bundles of rope, lanterns, torches, belt pouches, and packpacks. The set makes up all the adventurers one could want, especially if your players venture into cold weather. We could have used these when we were on "The Affair of the Malchairan Emerald", in Phil's campaign, when we visited the Temple of Ice in Ghaton. It was dang cold, I tell you.

'Ghost Archipelago' "Crewmen" - 20 figures to the box

No, I don't play this game either. I buy forgures to suit the world setting I support, and these figures are perfect for making models of dear old Captain Harchar's merry band of cutthroat rascals - sorry, I meant "honest sea-faring merchants", as Dave described them. He also described them as being of the 'Sinbad the Sailor' genre, with that Hollywood Technicolor look to them that has a sort of vague Middle-Eastern feel; the options in this pack give you that look, as do all of the torsos, and they'll work and look a lot better as Harchar's crew then the Foundry Macedonian 'Phalangite Personalities' that I've been using for years.

Lots of character, lots of options, and a lot of fun. Also as nicely done as the 'Soldiers II' castings.

'Gripping Beast' "Roman Starter Warband" - 25 figures to the box

I'll bet that you know what I'm going to say next. No, I don't play this game either. "Chainmail", by Perrin and Gygax, still works just fine for me, and I still build my forces by getting the best figures I can for a particular period. These are for my Dark Ages campaign, as along with my old Ral Partha / RAFM 'Royal Armies of the Hyborian Age' figures they'll be the locals trying to deal with the arrival of the Shieldmaidens' 'Sheildmaidens'.

I'm normally not a big fan of the late Imperial Roman period, but these figures are really nice. All the details are crisp and clean, and you get enough variety to get a good-looking unit - and a balanced one - out of the box. You also get six cavalry, which is a nice bonus, as well as the more period-correct standards. These are the same sprues as their larger boxes from the period - think of this as a 'sampler' box - and I may ask The Missus for some more of these in next year's budget.

So, there we are. Mayhem will ensue, I think... :)


  1. Good and bad news indeed, Chirine. I'm really sorry for the bad. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    I assumed you were just busy writing To Serve the Petal Throne!

  2. Frostgrave and its spinoff, Ghost Archipelago, are simple, fun miniatures games with a great pulp vibe--and the figures for both games are great. I think there are also some monsters available that you might find useful as well.

    Also, with some light filing to remove the serial numbers, these rulesets could be adopted for other settings as well.

  3. Then you will probably like these guys as well.

    they are supposed to make a villager set. Ether in December or Jan. And they can be armed, or kitted out doing every day chores.