Friday, November 29, 2019

1) Dave, Gary, And Plastics - A Game Of "S&S", From 1975

Your classic Dave and Gary magic-users...
Your classic Dave and Gary fighter types
Your classic Dave and Gary Undead
(You never have enough Undead)

As regular readers of this little confection know, I focus on specific world-settings in my games. Which is why I have lots and lots of Tekumel, Barsoom, and Ancient Egyptian figures in my collection. Lately, though, I have been building classic Dave and Gary D&D figures; the 'Frostgrave' line is perfect for this, s they have that middling Middle Ages look to then that characterized D&D back in the early days. Plate armour? You have got to be kidding! That stuff is expensive, and only paladins and the like can afford it.

So, you may well ask, why am I building up a  D&D force?

Because, Oh My Gentle Readers, I hang out with a bunch of loud, raucous women called The Shieldmaidens who seem to enjoy me telling stories of games long past and of the people who played them.

One of those games, back in 1975, was run by Gary for his friends. He told a bunch of them to drop by and they'd play some fantasy miniatures. He then invited another bunch of them to drop by and play a WWII skirmish game. This being before the invention of social media, nobody compared notes, and when they arrived they all found the table covered in a mysterious mist. The first thing anybody knew what was happening, the crew of the lead 'track was shooting at a troll...

Yep. By popular demand, I'm going to be running a game of "Sturmgeshutze and Sorcery", it all of it's wacky glory. Hidden movement, periscopes, character cards, and all the mayhem inherent in a mash-up of D&D 5E and Tractics. People will not know what side they are on until they open their sealed envelopes that also have their mission orders and victory conditions; they'll also get photos of their figures to make things a bit easier for them.

The 'D&D side' will be the Frostgrave 'Soldiers I' and 'II', with the Frostgrave 'Wizards I' (and 'II', if I can get them in time) with a nice assortment of D&D creatures provided by the Usual Suspects amongst the Shieldmaidens.

"Sooo," I can hear you ask, "What are they going to be fighting?"



  1. Yep, characters were depicted in a less-fantastic style back in the day. I used to find that a bit of a turn-off, actually. Never got to mixing my fantasy with my WWII, either. Sounds like a blast!

    1. Very true. I think that this was because we'd all seen the same 'medieval' Technicolor epics, where there simply wasn't much - if any - plate armour. I think it took "Excalibur", where everybody's in plate all the time to change that perception. These days, of course, everybody's got plate - you can even get it on!

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    1. Set a date when you'll be in town, and we'll work on it...