Friday, November 29, 2019

2) The Night Witches and Their Friends

You get a very nice and well-equipped Red Army scout platoon with this deal

Moscow has added a T-34/85 and an Su-100;
the platoon has 'aquired' a GAZ-A, a -AA, and a staff car.

 There's a company in the UK by the name of Bad Squiddo, formerly known as Anne The Dice Bag Lady. Anne sells a line of Sensibly Dressed Women, from all sorts of genres and eras, and we recently got in her Amazons from the recent Kickstarter. (These are great for Tekumel - more about them shortly.)

I happen to own a couple of of 1:43 scale Soviet-era toys; a T-34/85 and an Su-100. The Lady of the House, feeling that the two armored vehicles needed some infantry support, bought me the 'Urragh! Deal' and so I have been basing and painting some Red Army women. You get scouts, snipers, infantry, and some heavy weapons - I pointed out to Herself that they couldn't all be 'tankriders', so she got busy and we now have a couple of GAZ trucks and a staff car to haul everyone around.

One of the ringleaders of the Shieldmaidens is working on doing a campaign using the 'Night Witches' RPG, and so we've been looking at biplanes and MacGuffins for the S&S game. So far, the Russians are out to rescue a downed Night Witches air crew, and to investigate that suspicious Vokswagen staff car down in the village. (The D&D side also has two MacGuffins, but I have to have some secrets ahead of this game...)

I'm supplying all of the terrain and scenery out of stock - yes I do have that much stuff in hand - and this is turning into one of those epic games along the lines of my infamous Braunstein, "The Great Mos Eisley Spaceport Raid" that we did back in '82 or so...

And we're having a whole lot of fun, too!!! :)


  1. I no longer own any tanks, planes or other WWII toys. But I did buy some old 1920s-30s cars for my Cthulhu gaming
    Maybe I should try and get them on the table with some knights... ;-)

    1. Go for it!!! Does RAFM still do the figures we used for this. back in the day?

  2. Replies
    1. I think it will be. What has astonished me has been the very, very positive response to the idea of this game from the local D&D players. They usually shy away from historicals due to the way they are looked at by the local historicals players, so I think I'm tapping into an interest that's just below the surface.

  3. Sounding even better! Throw in some Gestapo and KBG agents and this would turn into a Braunstein-esque free for all!

    ... not that I'm living vicariously by throwing crazy ideas at you...

  4. Miniatures of evil-looking folks in fedoras and leather trenchcoats are available in a number of ranges. Just saying. :)

    Given the level of interest, this is turning into an EPIC game, even before we roll any dice. I'm having a lot of fun with it... :)

  5. Can't wait to read that game's recap, and see the pictures! Better yet: shoot part of it (in the thick of the battle), and put it up on YouTube.
    Anyway, have a great time playing! It sounds astoundingly cool. ūüėĀ

    1. We will; we've rebuilt our field production capacity, and this will be part of the revived YouTube channel.
      It should be fun; I'm genuinely surprised by the very positive response I've gotten from people.

  6. Jeff, Why reference "D&D 5E"? Why not just "D&D"? I've found 5E materials intellectually constraining. Don't you agree?

    1. It's the local 'term of art'; nobody I run into says 'D&D', they all refer to the game as '5e', and most of the earlier editions are not known to local people. The single biggest issue I run into with gamers these days is letting them know about the rich history of the hobby.

      I'd agree about the 'intellectual restraint'. As I've mentioned, I play world-settings, and not rules. The world-setting behind the current versions of the game are what I've heard called 'fluff', and are only important to the people playing the game insofar as the setting impinges on the rules. It's a 'gamist' approach, not the 'simulationist' approach of the people I've gamed with over the years, and while I understand the need for rules in a game - I've written some, myself - the very narrow focus on rules and rules interpretation that's evolved over the decades is not something I'm on board with. Different styles of play for different people, and my style is pretty much the same as what Phil and Dave did in the games I played with them.

      My bottom line: I don;t play or GM D&D; I play and GM Tekumel and Blackmoor, with a dash of Greyhawk for spice.

      This game under discussion will let people know that Gary could be just as 'off the wall' as Dave could be... :)