Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Happy Holidays From All Of Us Here At The Workbench!

Our Christmas dragon, with present

Somebody else's dragons - see the link in the text

The new laundry - I feel like I'm dealing with the Death Star...

The plumber has been in, and removed a huge ball of roots (courtesy of the big maple tree in the front yard) from our main sewer line. Now that the latest crisis is over, I finally got our Christmas Dragon out on the front walk so that we could salvage something of the holiday. Other then the plumbing, it's been a quiet holiday and we've been catching up with friends and family.

The inflatable dragon was / is marketed by Home Depot, where we got ours, as "Gary". (I think all of you clever readers can work that one out.) Other people have done this as well, and I suggest the link to the article that our second photo came from:

We have gotten no feedback on our dragon, and I suspect that people are already traumatized by the huge flock of plastic flamingos in the front yard. Yes, people do stop and stare, but then I take it as a good sign that they start laughing and walk away with a lighter step.

The new laundry gear is working well, and we've gotten the mess from today's adventures in sewers all cleaned up. The rest of the laundry will follow, as I'm in the middle day of my holiday vacation and getting the house in order. We continue... :)

And again, Happy Holidays from all of us here at The Workbench!!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Anne The Dice Bag Lady - Where I Get Things

She's even funnier in person.

Annie Norton - like Howard Fielding of the Tekumel Project, David Soderberg of Bronze Age Miniatures,  and Mike Burns of Dark Fable Miniatures - produces a lot of the miniatures you see in my games. All of them have really good lines of figures, and are worth taking a look at. These are the classic metal miniatures; yes, I do buy sets of plastic figures, but they tend to be for the games I do outside my home game room. Not to put too brutal a point on it, they are cheaper in price then my metal figures, and I have to worry a lot about what we'll diplomatically describe as 'Loss Prevention'.

Her line of Dark Ages figures are really good - if you've watched A Certain Television Series, you'll find a use for them. Likewise, with my fondness for the Golden Age of epics, I have a use for her 'Amazon' figures - they work very well for both Ancients and Tekumel gaming, in the same way that Phil used heaps of Ancients (mostly Garrison, some Minifigs) for his Tekumel adventures.

There's also some very nice scenic items, as well as very handy farm and domestic animals that I find particularly useful in my games where I use hidden movement - players will sneak up on one of the movement counters, and discover that they've ambushed a couple of chickens or a goat. Mayhem ensues. Every time.

Link to her site over on the left, for your amusement...

Serious Gaming For The Holidays!!!

Armor, dice, pink flamingos, with friends on the way.
What's not to like?

Cake. Of course there's cake. It's *my* party.
The tea bar. Doesn't everyone have a tea bar in their game room?

December is a busy month for us here at the Workbench; the month starts off with my birthday, and ends with most everyone's Christmas holiday. We also have had the new washer and dryer installed, very cold weather, lots of snow, and today's crisis of a clogged main sewer drain. (Yes, help is on the way; we have insurance for this.)

Gaming here has settled down to Sixth Daughter's group that meets here on the Second Sunday of the month, and my Tekumel group that meets on the Fourth Sunday. I'm hoping, in this coming year, to be open on the First Sunday of each month to host a miniatures game based on the revival of my various campaign games. The battles will be generated by the events in the campaigns, so you're likely to see Barsoomian, Egyptian, and Pyratical events; Herself, the Lady of the House, has invested in the two most recent Bad Squiddo Games Kickstarters, so she has both Red Army and British forces to throw into the fray in her proposed Dr. Who campaign. She already has the figures that I bought for here back in the late 1980s, and she's raiding my collection of British model railway buildings for her adventures.

Girl Guides vs. Daleks? Land Army women with shotguns vs. Cybermen? Get out your sonic screwdrivers, folks, 'cause we're off on an adventure!

Sharp-eyed readers will have noted that the Third Sunday of the month is open; I am holding that date in reserve in case there's enough interest for another Tekumel group to form and play here in the game rooms.

Traditionally, hereabouts, I decorate the game room for special events. My birthday sees the deployment of my collection of Pink Flamingos, in all of the tasteless glory we can muster. Since we have the game group so near the holidays, I kept everything out and serves up cake and snacks for the game session. It was a success, I think; everybody had a good time, got fed, and laughed a lot.

The tea bar also got the usual workout, with everyone getting hot and cold drinks to suit. Doesn't everyone have something like this in their game room? I seemed to surprise people with the news that we have this facility, which kind of astonishes me; back in our glory days, when people came over to play at the hosts' place, the game room was set with both the game and the snacks, with the short-order kitchen fired up and ready to go.

I freely admit that this is an ancient style of gaming, but it it what I like and what I'm hoping to bring to all of you in this new years as I get all of my Kaika in a row.

Happy Holidays, everyone!