Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sell-Swords By The Seashore (2)

"Why," said the party, "look at that nice big building at the end of the street..."

Melee with the locals ensued...

The locals in melee fled; note the Gygaxian gazebo, thank you...

More of the locals showed up, in this case three canind beings who happened to be in possession of what appeared to be some sort of map drawn on large sheets of blue paper. The plans appeared to be of the large and impressive building located at the end of the town's main (and really only) street. Discussion with the three canind beings - who were wearing striped shirts with numbers stenciled on them - revealed that the building under discussion was the stronghold of the local Duke, who was reported to be astonishingly wealthy and who was rumored to keep his riches in cash in his stronghold.

You can guess what happened next, can't you? Our party of 'investigators' got into a brawl with the three, cheered on by the three ducks, and in the melee the party's Rogue 'abstracted' the plans (for such they were) and got into the building by The Secret Passage. She then thoughtfully opened the front door of the stronghold - no loading docks for this party! - and after the melee cause the locals to flee, the party came in - shopping bags in hand - and looted the place of as much as they could carry.

Yep, you got it in one; they looted Duke Scrooge's Money Bin. Including the Lucky Dime, if I'm not mistaken

I'm still finding shopkeepers as I unpack.

The party's next port of call is a sunny seaside town, with a menacing volcano in the back ground. And yes, I've been asked to come up with a working miniature volcano for this next game...


  1. "Gygaxian" gazebo? I recall hearing more than one origin tale regarding the gazebo in gaming, but not one related to Gygax. Do tell!

  2. "shopping bags in hand" 😄😄😄 This party is just totally excellent!!!

    Thank you Chirine for the recap and the beautiful pictures!