Sunday, February 16, 2020

Baby's First Wargame!

Seventh and Sixth Daughters

While I was out at the game convention helping the Shieldmaidens run their Tekumel game, two of my daughters were playing in their very first real wargame; an old friend who loves naval gaming runs a scenario called "Twilight of the Battleships" at Gary Con, and he was kind enough to invite my girls to come and play in an introductory game based on his scenario. They did, along with some other of our mutual friends, and had a great time learning and playing "General Quarters" - a vintage game, but still a very solid and reliable one.

The daughters played the Japanese to our friends' Americans, and the game was fought out at what was knife-fighting range for WWII warships. They gave as good as they got - if not better - and while I think when dinner was announced they'd lost a couple of ships (A heavy cruiser and a destroyer, I think) whilst the Americans had lost something like three cruisers. Sheer weight of metal was telling; Yamato was stopped dead in the water with hits to her engine rooms, but was still dangerous and in the fight with her massive 18" guns.

However, the Americans' squadron of the older Standard battleships was coming on at full steam, guns primed and ready. The game was paused for dinner, and the table photographed for a future resumption of the game.

Fish and chips were served, and a very good time was had by all.

For me personally, it was a very bittersweet day; I had been asked to help out friends with their game, and so had to miss my daughters' very first ever real wargame.

Time to clean up the miniatures room, and set the table for some mayhem!


  1. Aw, they're so cute when they're young!

  2. Aren't they, though? I was very happy that they got to play with old friends; I'm sorry that I wasn't there until nearly dinner time. :(

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